5 Honda Cars That You Can Buy Under PKR 1.5 Million


Honda cars are known for their exquisite design in the auto industry. There is a die-hard fan base of the company in the country which will put their every effort to defend the products offered by Honda Atlas. The company has introduced several vehicles for its consumers such as City and Civic.

The reliability, resale value, and big Honda dealership network are the things that attract customers to buy a Honda vehicle. However, some people criticize Honda for not giving a critical safety feature that is airbags in its vehicles .

It is a common perception that Honda cars are made for urban areas, and to tackle this notion the company launched BR-V to attract consumers from rural areas. It is, however, quite true that Toyota Brand performs better in the Rural market than that of Honda Atlas.

No new Honda car comes under the price bracket of PKR 1.5 million. But, not to worry at all, if you are a Honda lover and want to own a Honda Car. In this article, we will mention good used Honda Cars that you can buy under the said price bracket.


1. Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC

First on the list is Honda City which is in production for the last decade now. The company ships the fifth generation of Honda City in the local market and keeps introducing minor model changes (MMC) of the car. The car is being sold in six different variants with 1.3 and 1.5cc engines mated to either manual or automatic transmission.

In this blog, we have chosen the Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC that comes with manual transmission. Honda City has a huge fan base in the country, due to its wide following in the youth. This base variant has been equipped with many features such as power steering, power windows, Immobilizer, keyless entry. However, on the contrary, it has come under harsh criticism due to not having an airbag in it which is indeed a basic safety feature a car should have.

There is no question regarding the resale value of the car, it’s a hot cake even if you are buying the used or the new one. The maintenance cost of the car is low and the parts are easily available in the market.

Depending upon the city and condition you can buy 2009 – 2010 models of the said car under PKR 1.5 million.


2. Honda Civic Reborn

Who in Pakistan doesn’t know about the iconic Honda car ‘The Civic Reborn’? The popularity of the company reached an all-time high when it launched the 8th generation of its hot-selling sedan car, Civic, in the country—the vehicle became an instant hit. The exterior and interior design of the car was ahead of its competitors which attracted people to it. People still praise the build quality and the design of the front fascia of the car.

Civic Reborn came with 1800cc engine displacement mated to either manual or auto transmission. The Honda brand is popular in the country due to Civic being in its vehicles’ lineup. The car has all the bells and whistles one can need in a sedan car. Unlike its sibling, the car is equipped with airbags as a basic safety feature.

The car remained in production from the year 2006 to 2012 until it was discontinued in favor of the next-generation Honda Civic. Aside from its design, the people liked the road grip and comfort of the car. You can purchase 2008 and below models of Honda Civic Reborn under PKR 1.5 million. One might get his/her hand on a 2009 Honda Civic Reborn Model as well, however, for it to happen one has to look rigorously in the market.   


3. Honda City i-DSI

Coming to the third Honda car which you can buy under PKR 1.5 million is the Honda i-DSI which is the fourth generation of Honda City in Pakistan. The car comes with a 1300cc engine coupled with both manual and automatic transmission. Note that another version of the car was also introduced namely VTEC Steermatic which was equipped with a 1500cc engine, but it failed to attract consumers. On the other hand, i-DSI did well in the market. The car was known for its ample space in the interior.

You can purchase 2006 and below model Honda City i-DSI under PKR 1.5 million.


4. Honda N-One

Now, here we have an imported Honda car namely Honda N-One. This is one of the most imported hatchback Honda cars in Pakistan. Globally, Honda N-One comes in many variants, however, in Pakistan it can be mainly available in three variants: Honda N-One G, Honda N-One Premium Package, and Honda N-One Premium Tourer Package.

The car comes with a 660cc engine option with an automatic transmission. These types of 660cc cars are known as Kei cars in japan and JDM cars in Pakistan. It was specially made to maintain the huge traffic flow in the urban areas. Despite being a hatchback and having a smaller engine the car has all the modern features which even a locally made sedan lacks. The top-of-the-line Honda N-One has 8 airbags in it – it’s a lot, isn’t it?

You can purchase Honda N-One under PKR 1.5 million. Despite being an imported Honda car, the parts are available easily in the market, but they won’t come cheap.


5. Honda Accord CL7

Here is another imported car for you guys that you can buy under PKR 1.5 million. Honda Accord CL7 comes with a 2000cc engine paired to an automatic transmission.

The price of the car heavily depends upon the condition, people can even sell you the car close to 10 lacs. Nonetheless, you can buy Honda Accord 2002-2003 models in or under PKR 1.5 million.

We have tried to mention cars not too old to buy and of different categories such as 1300cc, 660cc, and 2000cc, both imported and local. These are not the only cars that you can buy in the above-mentioned price bracket, you can buy older generation of City, Civic, and Accord as well, just go to OLX used car section and get the best car you like.

Hope you like the article and do mention other Honda Cars that people can buy under PKR 1.5 million. Stay Safe and Ride Safe, until next time – Happy Motoring.

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