Tips to Hire the Best Catering Services for Weddings in Pakistan

Tips to Hire the Best Catering Services for Weddings in Pakistan

When you are planning a wedding, you have to make numerous decisions. Choosing a catering service is among the toughest decisions you will have to make for the wedding event. It is because most people forget about the decorations or other elements of a marriage ceremony, but they will remember the food they had at that event.

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So, before you hire external catering services in Pakistan, it is important to know some important things. We have gathered some tips that everyone should consider when hiring an external catering service for a wedding. 

Let’s start with the first tip.

Experience Matters

Yes! Many will say that we should give new ones a chance. That can be a good option if you are low on budget. But you don’t want to take any risk on the most important event of your life right? So, it is better to seek an experienced catering service that doesn’t ruin your special day. More than 5 years of experience is considered good in the local conditions. 

Note: If they have less experience but have more satisfied customers, you can consider them.


Analyze Their Behavior

Behavior is an important thing to note. When people generally go to book the service, the behavior is generally pleasant. Don’t fall for that. Try to see their behavior with other clients. For this purpose, visit them 2 to 3 times to see how they behave with their existing customers. If you know any of the past clients, you can ask them. 

Their behavior with the existing clients shows how they will treat you after finalizing the contract. Also, it shows how much they care about the customers so it can be an indication of their quality consciousness.

Don’t Fall for Unrealistic Prices

This advice is for people with limited budgets. Most of you will be looking for a catering service at a budget-friendly price. Some service providers quote unrealistic prices and when the event is near, they ask for more or don’t provide the quality you were promised. You should contact many catering services to see their prices. After comparing them, you will have an idea of what the average price is. If someone is offering a way lower price than average, avoid it.


Look for Reviews

Reviews are among the most important things you should seek before finalizing a catering service. It is because most of the service providers will say we have this much experience and 99% of our customers are happy. But what is the proof of that claim? 

You can see the reviews customers have given to the service provider on business listings like Google, Facebook, etc. Also, you can generate polls on different relevant social media groups to ask if someone has got the services from the business. If yes, you can ask for their experience.


See the Menu Options 

Well! This one needs no introduction as you have to explore what options they have on the menu. See if they have listed the dishes you want for your wedding. Some service providers say they will arrange the dishes for you even if they weren’t listed on the menu. Avoid them as they don’t specialize in making that. They will hire external caterers for this purpose or may even experiment by preparing themselves. 


Menu Tasting

If you have selected the menu, the next thing is to taste it. Yes! Don’t hesitate to ask for testing the menu. Many clever service providers will say that we should make a contract first and then we will let you taste it. Don’t fall for them. What if you don’t like the food after you have made the contract? 

Most reputable caterers will let you taste it for free. But even if it costs you a bit to taste, you should pay for it. It is still better than wasting the entire catering budget.

Visit Their Kitchen

It is necessary for you to visit the kitchen of the catering service provider. It will help you analyze many things. Firstly, you will see cleanliness. Secondly, it will help you see their staff’s strength and capacity. Also, you will be able to see what quality assurance measures they have in place. 

Compare Charges and Services

Comparing the charges and services of different businesses is important. It will help you make a rational decision in the end. Some caterers provide buffet-only service while others can also provide serving on the tables. It is important to see how much staff a caterer will provide for your special day. So, compare what every service provides as quoted to you and make the final decision.


A Detailed Contract is Important

Now, you have selected a catering service for the wedding, it is important to make a detailed contract. Before you pay any advance, ask the caterer to list down all the services and items they will provide during the event. These generally include the following.

  • Menu details and quantity
  • Service type (Buffet vs table serving)
  • Number of Staff 
  • Transportation of items and food and beverage
  • Emergency preparation if more than the agreed guests arrive
  • Contract type (per person or in quantity terms)
  • Who will keep the remaining food and beverage

These are some of the many things that must be listed in the contract.


Now, you know what to consider before hiring a catering service in Pakistan. It will be easier for you to make the decision. Remember to prioritize the experience of guests. Don’t compromise on that if you want to make the wedding memorable.

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