Tips for Wedding Card Designs in Pakistan and Their Importance

Tips for Wedding Card Designs in Pakistan and Their Importance

Designing the perfect wedding card can be difficult. Many people overlook the importance of this invitation card. They only focus on the list of family members whose names should be printed on it and overlook its design. These invitation cards are more important than many think. Here, we have listed some points that will show you their significance. We will also give you some tips regarding wedding card designs in Pakistan. 

So, let’s start with the importance first.

Importance of Wedding Cards

Wedding cards have huge significance. Here are some points that will show why wedding cards are important.

A Tradition

You must be curious why in this digital world people want wedding cards, right? Well! They are linked with the tradition of mankind. Wedding cards have a long history. People have been using invitation cards (in different forms like card, paper, fabric, etc.) for inviting guests to weddings and parties for over 400 years (since around 16th Century). At that time, people used ink for writing on paper for this purpose. In the beginning, it was done for the Royal families or rich class only. Now, these cards are used by almost everyone. People love to pass on traditional values. That is why Wedding cards are still popular for inviting the guests. 

Reflect the Couple

A wedding card reflects two persons as a couple for the first time. This invitation is the first written declaration that both of the persons are now going to be together for their entire life. That is why it is very much important for the couple as well. 


Become A Keepsake

Many people have a hobby of collecting memories. A wedding card is an excellent memory for the family of the couple as well as close friends. The special day is very important for close relatives and friends. Some of them even take care of the invitation as they take care of family photos. They cherish the memories for years to come.


Present Vital Information

A wedding card is printed with the name of the couple, their parents and grandparents, siblings and other important relatives. It also contains the starting and ending dates of the event, venues, and dress code (if any), The time of specific ceremonies during the event is also mentioned on it (sometimes). It is a major reason why these invitation cards are very important.


Set the Tone (for the Wedding Event)

Wedding cards are also very important in setting up the tone of the event. Many people get them printed with a color scheme that matches the theme of the occasion. Like if the couple is planning to make a theme of pink and white color on a special day, they can get it printed with the same color scheme. It helps set up the tone of the big occasion so people can be prepared for what is coming.

Create Excitement and Anticipation

A wedding invitation card is the announcement of the exciting events coming. Weddings bring excitement to the people. Some wedding events can be made longer like a week full of fun activities. Many people like including fun activities in their wedding event to make it memorable and keep people happy. The schedule of all these activities can be printed on the cards to make people excited about the upcoming event. You can also disclose menu on the card as it i one of the most important element of a wedding.

Make Invitee Feel Special

Well, this point needs no special explanation. It is not about the design or printing. It is about delivering the invitation card in person which is a way to make the invitee feel honored. This card can also become a bridge to connect relatives who are not connected for some time. So, you can think of it as a tool that can make people feel special.


Tips for Wedding Card Designs in Pakistan

There are many wedding card templates available online. But getting a custom-printed wedding card can enhance its aesthetics and also be more connected with your event. Here are some tips for designing a Pakistani wedding card.

Connect With the Event

Associating your invitation card with the wedding event is important. Many people select personalized wedding themes for their events. If you have already selected one, you can get your car designed according to it. It is possible to get it printed with the image of a marriage hall/marquee (with the same color scheme you have selected). It is a more personalized way of designing the card.


Many graphic designers are available on OLX so you can easily pick one of the best for customizing your wedding card.

Minimal is the New Fancy

Those days are gone when over artwork was considered fancy. Nowadays, the world is shifting towards minimalistic designs. Simple designs and artworks are more attractive. So, keep the fonts and overall artwork/illustrations minimal.  

Wedding Card Packaging is Important

Many people don’t know that wedding invitation packaging has traditional importance. People used to send them in the special round metal casing in ancient times. As time passed, new ways of packaging these items were introduced. The modern form is wedding card pouches, envelopes, boxes, etc. Wedding card packaging is important because it will help the invitee to keep the invitation safe for a long time.


You can also get wedding card pouches, boxes, or envelopes with stylish windows. You can get your card designed in a way that the highlighting information can be seen through these windows.

Choose a Unique Size

Wedding cards mostly have 2 or 3 popular sizes in Pakistan. If you want our card to stand out, choose a different size. Especially dimension, if the market is offering wider cards, pick the portrait (less wide) ones. If there are more portrait designs, go for the landscape design for your card.

A Creative Design Grabs Attention

Choosing a minimalistic design doesn’t mean you can’t choose a creative design. You can ask the designer to be minimal with artwork and graphics but be creative with the typography style and text placement. In this way, you can get a fascinating yet minimal wedding card. 

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Focus on Finishing

There are different finishing types available for wedding cards. Embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV coating, matte, gloss, and soft touch laminations. You can choose one or a combination of finishing techniques to make your card look more fascinating or even premium.



The importance of the wedding card and its design is very high in Pakistan. It is not only linked with the culture but also with many other elements. The above-mentioned points are some of the many that show its importance. In the end, we have shown some tips for Pakistani wedding card designs to help you get the best wedding card so it can last long in the memory of your loved ones.

Which tip are you going to use in your wedding card design in Pakistan? Tell us in the comment section below.

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