You Can Now Perform Umrah On Saudi Tourist Visa

You Can Now Perform Umrah On Saudi Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia’s national airline, SAUDIA is about to launch a package in which the airfare + visit visa for 96 hours will be offered to customers. Interestingly, you will be able to perform Umrah in this package without acquiring a separate visa. 

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Your Ticket is a Visa

“Your Ticket is a Visa ” is the name of the new package where patrons of SAUDIA will be offered the Kingdom’s visit or tourist visa for 96 hours. However, those traveling with the national airline will not be forced to buy this package.

Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in its quest for regional dominance and modernity have started various new programs to transform the Kingdom and its image abroad. “Your Ticket is a Visa” can be seen as one of the steps in that direction in which KSA is encouraging visitors to visit the Kingdom. 

This is indeed great news for those who are thinking of performing Umrah in the near future. This package provides convenience. 

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