PTA Tax on iPhone X

PTA Tax on iPhone X

Ever found yourself puzzled by the hefty price tags on PTA-approved iPhones? It’s a head-scratcher, indeed! Some models see their prices nearly double due to these PTA taxes, and in some cases, these taxes even surpass the phone’s market value. We have been breaking down PTA taxes for various iPhone models, and now, it’s time to see the iPhone X PTA tax.

The tax amount you have to pay depends on your approval method. Using your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) will be pricier. Conversely, if you are returning from abroad with a valid passport and visa, it might save you some cash on approval. We have got the tax details for both cases to make it crystal clear.

Here is the PTA tax on iPhone X.

iPhone X PTA Tax

Here is the PTA tax on iPhone X if you choose the passport-based approval method or CNIC based:

  • On CNIC: Rs.87,800
  • On Passport: Rs.68,200

You can buy various iPhone X models available on OLX.


Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals Are Exempted from PTA Taxes?

Overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals no longer need to pay PTA taxes for mobile registration. A temporary service allows a 120-day tax-free window, enabling them to register their devices without any duties. During this period, they can freely use local mobile networks on their phones.

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A Detailed Guide for PTA Mobile Registration

How to Register a Phone with PTA?


Alright, picture this: you are an iPhone user, dreaming of seamless SIM services. Well, guess what? You have to get that PTA approval to make it happen! We showed the iPhone X PTA taxes, whether you want to get approval with your CNIC or passport. Armed with this info, getting your iPhone the green light is going to be a breeze. Explore the details of activation by checking out our video or visiting the mentioned page. 

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