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How to Register a Phone with PTA?

In Pakistan, one of the most important considerations after specs and features of a phone is its compliance with PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Buying a non-PTA phone is always cheaper; however, the phone would stop working after a particular period of time unless you pay the taxes you owe to the government. 

Recently, PTA has increased such taxes. Before they are further increased, it is advised that you pay your dues and keep using your phone without interruption. 

Unfortunately, what should be a straight-forward process has become rather cumbersome due to lack of information. Let’s get you settled with the PTA mobile registration process and a bit more about PTA and non-PTA approved phones. 

Difference between PTA and non-PTA phones?

PTA-approved phones are the ones that are imported in Pakistan through a legal channel with all formalities completed. IMEI of these phones are registered with PTA. These are officially registered devices authorized for telecommunication across various service providers in Pakistan. All phones manufactured in Pakistan come under PTA approval.

Non-PTA phones mean these phones are imported in Pakistan without fulfilling all the formalities. However, these phones are not illegally imported in Pakistan. It is just that these phones haven’t arrived in Pakistan through the official distribution channel. Such phones must register with PTA after 60 days (this is the information stated on PTA’s official website. However, phones have been blocked much before this period) of inserting a SIM card. After that, the IMEI is blocked by PTA, stopping you from making and receiving calls. 

How to register your phone with PTA?

The registration process is easy and it’s online. Simply follow these steps:  

PTA mobile registration online:

Step 1: Go to the PTA Device Registration System. Now select the Purpose (whether you are trying to register your phone as an individual or as a commercial entity). Then select your nationality – Pakistani or Foreigner.  

Step 2: Enter the required information on your screen and submit the information to create an account. 

Step 3: Log in with your account and tap on Click Here to Register Your Device.  Enter the required information on your screen, including contact number and phone details.

Step 4: Verify with the verification code sent on your phone number. After verification, you will see an amount of PTA tax on your screen. You can pay this amount through online banking or other available third-party payment services. 

Once successfully paid, it will take a few hours for your phone to get registered. 

Where to find your phone’s IMEI number?

It’s easy. Either:

  • Dial *#06# (15-digit IMEI number will appear on your screen), or
  • Check for this number on your phone’s box, or
  • Check on the back cover of your phones, or
  • Check the battery of your phones, or
  • Check in “Settings” of your phone

How to check the PTA status of your device?

Once you have the IMEI number noted down, SMS each (in case of more than one IMEI number) to 8484. 

PTA also has an official DIRBS Pakistan application available on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Install the application and enter the IMEI of your device in the application. Then tap on Verify to see the PTA status of your device. 

Final Verdict

Let’s keep it simple. If you intend to use a phone in Pakistan over a long period of time, you need to pay the government. There is no way around it. Every device needs to be registered with PTA. 

This short and concise, step-by-step guide will help you do that. Let us know in the comment section below if you found this blog helpful. We come up with such guides every now and then, so keep reading our blogs. 

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