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PTA Approved Check – A Step-by-Step Guide

PTA Approved Check - A Step-by-Step Guide

For some years, checking for PTA approval has become quite important when buying used or even new phones in Pakistan. This is because if a phone is not approved by the PTA, mobile services will not work on it. Now, you must be eager to know how to check PTA approval status or perform a PTA IMEI check online, right? Don’t worry! We will show you the steps to check if a mobile phone is PTA approved or not through online, App, and via SMS.

So, let’s start with the PTA check online!

PTA IMEI Check Online (DIRBS PTA) – Steps

Follow these steps for PTA approved check online:

  • Go to the DIRBS PTA IMEI check website
  • Enter the 15 digit IMEI number in the box
  • Complete the captcha verification
  • Click check
  • You will get status (PTA Approved or Not Approved)

Steps to Check PTA Status Via Mobile App

Let’s see the steps to check the PTA status of a mobile phone via mobile application.

  1. Download the PTA Device Verification System App (Google Play Store & Apple App Store)
  2. Open the App after downloading
  3. Enter the IMEI number in the box
  4. Click Verify
  5. You will get the status (PTA Approved or Not Approved)

PTA Approved Check Via SMS – Steps

Now you know the steps to DIRBS PTA check online, it is time to see the steps for PTA sim check via SMS. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the message App
  2. Create a new message
  3. Type the mobile’s IMEI number
  4. Now send it to 8484 (PTA check code)
  5. You will receive an SMS with Approved or Not Approved status

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IMEI Check

You are already aware of the process of checking the mobile PTA registration status. However, some of you will be confused about the IMEI number. So, if you are looking for steps to check IMEI number on the mobile phone, follow these steps:

  • Open dialer of your phone
  • Dial *#06# 
  • You will see a screen containing IMEI number(s) of your mobile phone

Keep in mind to use both numbers separately to check the PTA status in the steps mentioned above.

Why is PTA Approval Important?

Many of us know why PTA approval is important to be able to use SIM services on the mobile phone. But there are some other points that show why getting your mobile phone PTA approved is important. Let’s see them here!

  • Use Mobile Network
  • Legal Compliance 
  • Unaffected App Functionality (Some apps don’t work properly on Non-PTA phones)

Note: All mobile devices including non-compliant (having SIM/IMEI functionality) active on Pakistani mobile networks till 15th January 2019, will remain operational without service interruption. Non-compliant mobile devices will be paired with the user’s mobile number.

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