PTA Tax on iPhone 11 and Other Variants

PTA Tax on iPhone 11 and Other Variants

Ever wondered why PTA approved iPhones can cost so much? It is a bit puzzling! For some iPhone models, these taxes can nearly double the price of the phone, and sometimes they are even higher than the market value of the phone. We have been bringing you PTA taxes on different models of iPhone. Now, it’s time for the iPhone 11 PTA tax. 

How much tax you will pay depends on how you get approval. If you use your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), it will cost you more. But if you are coming back from abroad with a valid passport and visa, you might save some cash on approval. We have got the tax details for both cases to make it crystal clear.

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Here are the iPhone 11 all models’ PTA taxes when using a passport for approval.

iPhone 11 PTA Tax

Here is the PTA tax on iPhone 11 if you choose the passport-based approval method or CNIC based:

  • On CNIC: Rs.86,689
  • On Passport: Rs.67,308

iPhone 11 Pro PTA Tax

The following are the taxes on iPhone 11 Pro with both passport-based and CNIC-based approval methods:

  • On CNIC: Rs.115,148
  • On Passport: Rs.93,180

iPhone 11 Pro Max PTA Tax

Here is the PTA tax on iPhone 11 Pro Max for both passport-based and CNIC-based approval methods:

  • On CNIC: Rs.119,196
  • On Passport: Rs.96,860

The amounts mentioned here are approximate. The actual taxes may vary.

You can buy various iPhone 11 models available on OLX.

Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals Are Exempted from PTA Taxes?

An important update is that overseas Pakistanis no longer need to pay PTA taxes to register their mobile phones. The recently introduced temporary mobile registration service grants overseas Pakistanis and foreign visitors in Pakistan a 120-day period for registering their mobile devices without incurring any duties or taxes. During this time, these individuals can utilize local mobile networks on their phones.

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A Detailed Guide for PTA Mobile Registration

How to Register a Phone with PTA?


Getting PTA approval is a must for iPhone users who want to use SIM services on their phones. We have provided you with the PTA taxes for iPhone 11 Pro Max and other models, whether you are using your CNIC or passport. With this info, you are well-prepared to get your iPhone approved. To learn more about the approval process and how to activate SIM functionality, you can watch the video or check out the page we mentioned earlier.

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