7 Best Android Apps for Productivity

7 Best Android Apps for Productivity

According to a report published (November 2022) by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an official national regulator for workplace safety and health in Great Britain, 914,000 workers suffered from work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2021-22. 

Work-related stress is real and can damage your health. One of the biggest reasons behind work-related stress is overwhelming amounts of work expected to be finished in a specified time. Wearing multiple hats at work can lead to a disaster much like too many cooks spoiling the broth. 

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So, what’s the solution? There are many but why not take advantage of technology which has probably put you under stress in the first place? There are apps which can help you organize better, making you more productive without feeling overwhelmed by work.

Here are some of the best Android apps. 

Google Drive

Chances are, you’ve already used it. If not, you might have heard of it. Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution. If you’ve been using Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, you can save these files in Google Drive and access them whenever you want. You can also share these files with others with varying access levels. Google Drive, in short, helps you get organized. 


Yes you read it right. It’s TickTick and not TikTok. If your work involves handling many tasks and projects and such, TickTick will keep track of them for you. This is a task manager app which reminds you of due dates and deadlines, etc. You can prioritize work using tags and custom lists, which you can view as a list and on a calendar. Both paid and free versions of this app are available. The paid version has more features like sharing tasks and assigning them to others, etc. 


This app is especially useful for those in the field of digital content. If you take a lot of notes, try using this app. In addition to taking notes, you can also capture and store images, audio, attachments, sketches and more. This app, too, is available for free. Though you can upgrade to the paid version if you need more storage space, sync with Google calendar and more. 

Solid Explorer

This app is a file manager which helps you automatically organize files into collections, access and manage an SD card, cloud files, local files and USB OTG. It supports cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync and Dropbox. You can sign up for free for the first 14 days after which you will lose its premium features if you decide not to upgrade. 


This app is special in the sense that it utilizes the mind mapping method to help you visualize your thoughts. So, if you are a person who likes to visualize things, then consider using MindMeister. This app is great for brainstorming, planning and note-taking. If you are planning to write a series of blogs on a similar topic, then you can list the main blog idea followed by child and sibling blog ideas, add links, images, notes, files, icons, and emojis to them. You can map them all, re-arrange them if you don’t like the map, etc. It is available in free and paid versions. 

Simple Calendar

It is a calendar app with multiple customization options. If you give this app access to your Contacts, you can sync their birthdays and anniversaries. If you’re using Google Calendar, Samsung Calendar, Nextcloud or Microsoft Outlook, you can sync your events using CalDAV. This ad-free app isn’t free though; you’ll be asked to pay around $2 as a one-time fee. 


If you are using multiple Android apps with passwords, it is hard to remember their passwords. By downloading this free app, you can stop worrying about remembering different passwords. This app helps you store and manage your passwords using advanced end-to-end encryption. It will also help you automatically fill in your log information into other Android apps. In addition, if you need to safely secure notes, credit cards information, etc. you will find this app handy. It can also generate secure passwords for you of up to 128 characters. 


Technology is a double edged sword. While it has increased our workload and work related expectations, it also provides us with solutions. Work related stress is real and dangerous for your physical and mental health. However, you can prevent yourself from becoming its next victim with the smart use of technology.

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