How to Create Polls in WhatsApp Chats and Groups – A Step by Step Guide

How to Create Polls in WhatsApp Chats and Groups - A Step by Step Guide

Recently WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature which has allowed users to create polls in chats as well as groups. It is available for both Android as well as iOS users but currently,  the update is limited to the app only. However, it is expected that it may soon be available for web users as well. 

Since the feature is new, many people are confused as to how to create polls in whatsapp groups and chats. To help out all of you, we have written this step-by-step guide that will help you go through the process.

Steps To Create a Voting Poll in WhatsApp – Android and iOS

Step 1: 

For Android Users: Click on the paperclip/attachment icon which is right next to the text box

For iOS Users: Click on the plus icon which is next to the chat box

Step 2: Select “Poll” option


Step 3: A new page will appear where you will have to write a question or reason for conducting the poll


Step 4: Just below the reason, you will find slots where you will be required to add different voting options. You can add up to 12 different options.


Step 5: Right next to the voting options, you will see an icon with three bars. You can use these bars to change the order of the options. 

Step 6: Once you have set the desired order, release your finger and tap on the send icon. 

Step 7: The poll will start appearing in the chat and you will be able to vote. 

Step 8: You can see the responses by clicking on the “View Votes” option. 

That is how easy it is to do polls on Whatsapp. These steps work on both Android and iOS phones. 

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