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Apple Watch Series 9 & Watch Ultra 2: What’s New in These Smartwatches?

Apple Watch Series 9 & Watch Ultra 2: What’s New in These Smartwatches?

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a detailed rundown of the latest Apple smartwatches, including information on their design, specifications, and performance. We’ll also cover any new features they offer, helping you decide whether an upgrade is worthwhile or not. Additionally, we’ll provide availability and pricing details.

Let’s get started.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Unless you want a large display and long battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 doesn’t bring significant upgrades over the original Apple Watch Ultra. The differences are minimal, and it’s unlikely that someone with the first-generation model would find it worthwhile to upgrade. However, it features enhancements in processor performance, an ultrawide-band chip, and a transition to a 95% recycled titanium frame, making it more environmentally friendly.


Overall, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 maintains the look of its predecessor but offers a brighter display and a significant environmental improvement with its recycled materials, aligning with Apple’s sustainability goals.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 looks almost identical to the previous Apple Watch Ultra at first glance. It maintains the same design with a flat 49mm display, buttons on the side, and the same color options. However, the display is now brighter, thanks to the new S9 SiP, reaching up to 3,000 nits.

One noticeable change is the introduction of the Modular Ultra watch face, which is packed with complications, making it one of the most feature-rich Apple Watch faces.

What’s not immediately apparent from its appearance is that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is constructed from 95% recycled aluminum, a significant improvement in sustainability compared to the original model. Apple is committed to making its devices carbon-neutral by 2030, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 contributes to this goal. It even earns a carbon neutral certificate with specific band options, like the Trail Loop and Alpine Loop.

Specs & Performance

In terms of performance, both the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 share similarities. They are equipped with the S9 processor, which represents a significant power upgrade compared to the Apple Watch Series 6. This new processor is claimed to be 25% more efficient, featuring 5.6 billion transistors, a 30% faster GPU for smoother animations, and a 4-core neural engine for twice-as-fast machine learning capabilities. The efficiency of the S9 allows for the impressive 3,000 nit display without compromising battery life.

Under normal usage conditions, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 provides 36 hours of battery life, but it can extend up to 72 hours when utilizing the low-power mode feature.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 boasts an upgraded U2 ultrawide-band (UWB) chip, which introduces some clever new functionality. If you happen to misplace your iPhone, the Apple Watch can now help you locate it using a ping feature, similar to how Find My works for AirTags. Furthermore, the U2 chip’s proximity sensing can prompt you to start playing music on your HomePod when you’re in close proximity to it, provided you own one.

New Features

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 introduces some exciting features. With watchOS 10, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 can connect via Bluetooth to power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors, providing cyclists with more metrics and workout data.

Additionally, the built-in Depth app receives an upgrade. It will now save a log of each dive, allowing users to review their recent dive sessions directly on their Apple Watch Ultra 2. Users can also access their complete dive history in the Fitness app on their iPhone.

In summary, the double tap gesture enhances one-handed navigation on the Apple Watch Ultra, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers new capabilities for cyclists and divers, including enhanced sensor connectivity and a comprehensive dive log feature.

Availability & Price

In the US, you can already place a preorder for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and it will be fully available starting September 22

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 maintains its price at $799, which is twice the starting price of the Apple Watch Series 9, priced at $399. 

The current Apple Watch Ultra in Pakistan is available on OLX Pakistan. 

Apple Watch Series 9

In terms of appearance, aside from a charming pink variant, there isn’t much to note. The real changes lie beneath the surface. The S9 processor, a standout feature, delivers the most substantial performance upgrade in years. It powers a brighter display and quicker Siri interactions. Moreover, a new ultrawide-band chip introduces exciting ecosystem experiences, making the Apple Watch more enticing.

The introduction of a double-tap gesture simplifies various functions, allowing for one-handed operation. Additionally, eco-friendly watch bands, reduced packaging, and the use of recycled materials throughout the Apple Watch family, which includes the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the returning Apple Watch SE, collectively mark these devices as the first carbon-neutral Apple products available.


When comparing the Apple Watch Series 9 to the Apple Watch Series 8 side by side, they look quite similar, except for the pink option in Series 9. The pink finish in the Series 9 is subtle and elegant. Notably, all aluminum Apple Watch models are now made from 100% recycled aluminum, including various recycled components such as a 100% recycled cobalt battery. 

This commitment to sustainability extends to the Apple Watch band collections as well. The new Sport Loop, for instance, is made with 82% recycled yarn, making it the first carbon-neutral-certified Apple device when paired with the aluminum watch. Apple is also phasing out leather bands in favor of a new recycled textile called Fine Woven.

While Fine Woven doesn’t feel exactly like real leather, the positive environmental impact makes it a worthwhile choice. One exciting addition is the Nike Sport Band, which incorporates colorful specks of recycled material, ensuring each band is unique.

In short, the Apple Watch Series 9 is visually similar to its predecessor, with a subtle pink option. The device and its bands now feature increased use of recycled materials, emphasizing Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Specs & Performance

On the face of it, there isn’t much performance difference with the new S9 SiP (System in Package) without the Series 8 for direct comparison, Apple highlights some significant improvements in the Series 9’s chip. The Series 9 chip is expected to bring a 25% boost in efficiency thanks to its 5.6 billion transistors and 4-core neural engines, which can handle machine learning tasks twice as fast as before. 

It should also result in smoother visual effects with a 30% faster GPU, and Siri should respond faster, now supporting complete on-device computing. Apple claims a 25% increase in dictation accuracy, which will be interesting to verify since voice-to-text can be typo-prone.

The S9 chip also contributes to maintaining the Apple Watch’s 18-hour “all-day” battery life despite the display being brighter, now reaching 2,000 nits (double the Series 8’s brightness). However, it’s worth noting that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the brightest Apple Watch with a claimed peak brightness of 3,000 nits. 

Additionally, the Series 9 incorporates Apple’s new U2 ultrawide-band (UWB) chip, bringing fresh functionality. For those prone to misplacing their iPhone, the Series 9 can guide you to its location, with a user interface similar to tracking AirPods Pro 2 or an AirTag.


The standout feature of the Apple Watch Series 9 is a new gesture called “double-tap.” This gesture is designed to enhance single-handed control of the Apple Watch, making it more practical.

For example, imagine you’re holding a mug in one hand, and you receive an incoming call on your Apple Watch. Instead of using your opposite hand’s index finger to answer the call, risking a spill, you can simply double-tap your index finger and thumb on the hand wearing the watch to accept the call. Another double-tap will end the call when you’re finished.

Double-tap has various uses, such as scrolling through the Smart Stack (available with watchOS 10) and controlling specific Apple Watch apps like the timer. It also improves the convenience of using the Apple Watch Camera Remote app, making remote content capture easier.

Availability & Price

In the US, you can preorder the Apple Watch Series 9 right now, and it will be fully available on September 22.

In terms of pricing, the Apple Watch Series 9 begins at $399 for the GPS-only model and $499 for the GPS + Cellular version. For the larger 44mm model, prices start at $429 and go up to $529.

The current Apple Watch Series 8 is available on OLX Pakistan. 

We hope you find this detailed review of the latest Apple smartwatches useful. 

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