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Ways In Which You Can Design Your Doors

Ways In Which You Can Design Your Doors

Imagine how many times you pass through doors or open them at your home when you are roaming around. Doors are usually understated in most home and designing them in interesting ways can add the extra bit of flair to your house and it can lead to a better offer from buyers if you are looking into selling it in the near future. However, be careful when you are trying to customize the doors at your home since you can easily overdo and make them look weird. You can also add life to your closet doors that guard your clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia.

The first thing that you can do is to add some fancy bit of trim to your doors as hollow and plain doors can be pretty monotonous and dull to look at. One suggestion would be to add a few pieces of trim and color your door with a coat of white paint as shown below.

Another suggestion would be to use stained glass for your doors as they look amazing and improves the aesthetics. However, stained glass doors are expensive and are a rather long-term commitment to undertake. Instead of emptying your bank accounts on very fancy glass stained doors, you can just use stick-on colored film as it is cheaper than the alternative. It takes some attention to detail and time to pull off a good job with stick-on colored film but it is worth it.

One of the easiest ways to spice up your door design is to go for wallpaper. It is just as easy as cutting and sticking the paper on the door and remove it when your mode changes or the design goes out of vogue. Remember to go with simpler designs in confined and small spaces as they can overwhelm the surrounding areas and can easily ruin the look and feel of the home.

You can also choose a light paint color for your door as it makes the room feel bigger and it is the way to go for small spaces like your bathrooms. You can also do for painting one side of the door a light color and the other a bit darker. Painting the door can also protect the door and as a result preserve it for longer period of time.

You can also use contrasting stripes of wallpaper for closet doors and room doors of children. You can throw in some brighter colors as kids love a concoction of colors and it cheers their mood. If you live in a small apartment or a house, you can go for bi-fold doors as they are great in confined spaces. You make your bi-fold doors attractive by using paint and some lattice strips as it is really easy to cut the stripes and paint the small bi-fold doors.

Have you ever heard about washi tape and decals? If yes, then you can easily transform the inside edge of the door interesting to look at. Washi tape is a paper tape that is extremely economical and can be reused several times before they lose their stickiness. It also comes in a plethora of colors, styles and designs. Another way apart from using the washi tape is to use pre-made vinyl cutouts that come in a variety of shapes and colors. Before buying them, make sure they stick to your door surface as they do not stick properly to some painted surfaces.

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