Why Are Second Passports Becoming Popular?

Second passports are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan as they open up a host of opportunities. With dual citizenship, people are able to gain benefits from more than one country. Most of the time, when Pakistanis go for a second passport they prefer another first-world country such as UK, USA, Germany, Canada, or Australia. 

By becoming a citizen of a first-world country, people are able to enjoy the freedoms, luxuries, and services that come with it. For example, it can create opportunities for business and investment as well as open opportunities for education and work. Oftentimes, when people apply for dual citizenship, they are making plans for the future. This means they want to explore living options, employment, and educational opportunities as well. 

Another reason why second passport holders are increasing in number is that with a Pakistani passport travel becomes quite restrictive. Currently, only a handful of countries are providing visa-free entry to Pakistani passport holders. Each country has its own list of visa-free entry countries and this list is quite elaborate for first-world countries. Hence, by becoming a citizen of another country one can easily travel to a greater number of countries. Moreover, they are able to bypass the tedious visa application process that requires time, money, and a long list of conditions for eligibility.

Furthermore, with the idea of a global citizen prevailing, being able to travel is also becoming more crucial. In the post-pandemic world, a second passport seems to be a good idea, especially for citizens of Pakistan, considering that the country was placed by a lot of other states on the restricted travel list. Having an alternate passport would certainly help anyone facing restrictions in travel.

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