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Toyota car prices increased

Toyota car prices increased

Bad news for everyone looking to buy a new Toyota car in 2022. Toyota-Indus has just increased its car prices by up to (PKR 493,000). This will be effective from January 15, 2022. This will include car orders pending since January 15, 2022 and afterwards.

A possible reason behind this sudden increase in car prices is the mini-budget. However, the effects of this budget were not expected to be this quick. Here is the new price list from Toyota. 


VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Fortuner G8,179,0008,569,000390,000
Fortuner V9,489,0009,941,000452,000
Fortuner Sigma9,919,00010,392,000473,000
Fortuner Legender Diesel10,349,00010,842,000493,000


VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3L GLI MT2,549,0002,612,00063,000
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3L GLI CVT2,749,0002,817,00068,000
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3L ATIV MT2,679,0002,745,00066,000
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3L ATIV CVT2,849,0002,919,00070,000
TOYOTA YARIS 1.5L ATIV X MT2,899,0002,970,00071,000
TOYOTA YARIS 1.5L ATIV X CVT3,099,0003,175,00076,000


VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
COROLLA ALTIS X MT 1.63,299,0003,380,00081,000
COROLLA ALTIS X AT 1.63,449,0003,534,00085,000
COROLLA ALTIS X AT 1.6SE3,799,0003,892,00093,000
COROLLA ALTIS X CVT-i 1.83,779,0003,872,00093,000
COROLLA ALTIS GRANDE X CVT-i 1.8(BEIGE INTERIOR)4,079,0004,179,000100,000
COROLLA ALTIS GRANDE X CVT-i 1.8(BLACK INTERIOR)4,099,0004,199,000100,000

Hilux Revo

VariantsOld Price
New Price
Revo G M/T6,789,0006,947,000158,000
Revo G A/T7,139,0007,306,000167,000
Revo V A/T7,849,0008,030,000181,000
Revo Rocco8,279,0008,472,000193,000

Prediction for other car prices

Before Toyota, Suzuki increased the prices of its cars by up to PKR 150,000. We might also see car price hikes from other companies following the price increase of these two giants. The question is when and how much.

Effects of these price hikes can result in shifting of trend. Many people might prefer to buy a used car instead of a new one with this increase in car price in Pakistan.

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