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Advertising Guide

How To Make Your Campaign Successful

When it comes to running your campaign, you want the highest possible visibility for your advertisement so it can attract the highest possible number of people to your brand. There are a few key elements that you need to include or take a look at when creating your banner advertisement. The more effective your advertisement is, the more successful it will be in achieving your goal whether it is to generate leads, increase traffic, or get people to sign on to your service.

What Makes An Ad Successful

Brand Recall: your advertisement should feature something  (whether it is a visual element or text) that is catchy so the viewer will remember it instantly

Clear Communication: Your message should be communicated with clarity and the viewer should not feel confused or overwhelmed 

Balance: The visual and textual elements need to be balanced so as to not become confusing or clustered as that would lead the viewer to lose interest

What Should Your Ad Have

Logo: It is important for your brand to have a logo that describes what you do. This is necessary as it is what people will remember you by.

Key Message: Your ad should be clear about what you want to communicate to your audience whether it is an awareness campaign or a product/service you are selling

Creatives: A clear, high-resolution image adds value to your advertisement and increases the chances of people looking at it and taking interest in it.

CTA: The Call To Action button is what tells people how you want to interact with their advertisement. For example, if you want people to see your advertisement and go onto the catalog page of your website, your CTA could say “See More”. This makes it easy for the audience to access your website/page, etc.

Here’s how all of it should look together

breakdown of a good advertisement banner

Some More Guidelines

  • Landing Link: It is of utmost importance for you to provide a landing link to your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc., as your advertisement cannot be posted without it. A landing link provides a platform for an interested user to be redirected to once they see your advertisement and click on it. 
  • Target Information: If your product/service is available in a specific location or applies to a specific kind of audience, your advertisement should be clear in communicating that.
  • Contact Information: You should ideally provide a phone number or email address for the audience to reach out to you if they are interested in your campaign or have queries and want to find out more.

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