Passport Fee Increased in Pakistan

Passport Fee Increased in Pakistan

We have got some news that might not sit too well with people who want to travel abroad. The government just gave the passport fees a bit of a hike, especially for those who need their passports ASAP (Fast Track Category). Let’s break down what’s changed.

New Passport Fee in Pakistan

Alright, here’s the latest fee structure for Fast Track applications (local):

Passport PagesFee for 5 Years ValidityFee for 10 Years Validity
MRP (36 pages)Rs.12,500Rs.16,200
MRP (72 pages)Rs.18,500Rs.25,200
MRP (100 pages)Rs.23,000Rs.32,000

And just so you know, these new fees kick in from May 8, 2024.

So, why the increase? Well, officials say they bumped up the fees for regular and urgent passports earlier, but they left out the fast-track service. Now they’re bringing it all in line.

But Hold on as here is a good news. The Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi announced that Karachi and Lahore will get 24/7 passport services (for specific passport office branches). This means no more worrying about fitting passport office visits into your schedule. Finally, a little convenience in the passport world.

If you’re planning to apply for a passport in Pakistan or need to renew yours, we’ve got you covered with our detailed guides:

Stay tuned for more updates, and safe travels!

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