E Passport Pakistan: Definition, Benefits, Application Process and Fee

E Passport Pakistan: Definition, Benefits, Application Process and Fee

In March 2022, Pakistan introduced e-passports for its citizens. The first such passport was issued to the then prime minister. At the time, the government claimed that this type of passport has almost 29 latest security features. In December 2022, Directorate General Immigration & Passports started to issue these passports of all categories including ordinary e-passports.

What Is an E Passport?

The main difference between a normal passport and an e-passport is that the latter contains an electronic chip. This chip contains all the biometric information of the passport holder, in addition to other information, etc. Since the chip is contactless, e-passports can be read electronically. 


The following are some of the benefits of having an e-passport:

  1. Efficient and timely immigration processing at airport
  2. Increased border security
  3. Use of e-gate facility at airports
  4. Filing of application online
  5. Ideal for overseas Pakistanis

Pakistanis living in Pakistan can apply for an e-passport as well. 

How To Apply?

The required documents and the application process for both a traditional or Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and e-passport are the same. To learn how to apply for a passport in Pakistan, read the blog. 

Initially when this service was started, it was only for government officials and diplomats, but now ordinary citizens can apply for an e-passport as well. 

E Passport Pakistan Fee

For now, these passports are being issued only from Islamabad though the government intends to extend this service from other cities as well. 

CategoryPagesValidityFee (Rs.)
Normal365 years9,000
Urgent36 5 years15,000
Normal 3610 years13,500
Urgent3610 years22,500
Normal725 years16,500
Urgent725 years27,500
Normal7210 years24,750
Urgent7210 years40,500

Issuance of e-passports in Pakistan is still in its formative stage. We will update this page when more information is made available. For more information, you can contact travel and visa professionals in Pakistan.

There is a considerable price difference between a traditional passport and an e-passport. Would you pay extra for an e-passport? Why or why not? 

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