Ways To Increase Your Car’s Engine Power

car engine

From mild to wild, there are a number of ways you can add some extra power to your car engine and squeeze every bit of performance out of it. Here’s how you can pep up your commute and breathe new life into your car.

1. Install a Turbocharger or a Supercharger

A motor without turbocharger just attracts natural air and feeds it into the ignition cycle. Whereas, a motor with turbocharger further utilizes the air. This guarantees a higher motor exhibition with lower fuel utilization and better outflow levels.

A supercharger works in a similar fashion, forcing more air into the engine. However, it is driven by a belt so requires a little engine power to operate. The advantage of a supercharger is that it responds promptly, whereas a turbocharger may take longer while it builds the boost.

Since forced induction puts more pressure on the engine and drivetrain of your car, you may require supportive adjustments, such as a more durable cooling system. Although it will vary from vehicle to vehicle but it should be kept in mind.  

2. Tweak the Computer in the Engine

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to add power to your engine.

When a vehicle is produced, the ECU (engine control unit) is usually tuned conservatively to allow for fuels of lower grade and to reduce stress on the internal engine mechanics.

Often, many turbocharged cars see significant power gains from ECU tuning, since it yields extra boost pressure, hence resulting in added power.

If you take the software route, make sure to purchase from a reputable tuner, since the engines are very sensitive to variations. Tunes are usually offered in “stages,” i.e. you’ll have to choose the tune that suits your engine’s configuration the best.

3. Change the Air Intake Manifold

Including cold air admission will bring down the temperatures of air entering the motor and reduce limitation. This is a moderately simple change to make to a vehicle and the additional air improves consumption which can likewise empower more fuel to be scorched. A cooled air admission can help power by up to 10.

4. Install Choke

Installing a bigger choke onto a car will generate more air pull. This will increase the horsepower of the car for over 15hp. However, be careful in choosing which choke to apply to your automobile as a larger one can decrease the power of the automobile.

Before applying the choke, ensure that sufficient knowledge on the matter is collected and the person that fits it onto the automobile has experience in doing this.

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