Suzuki GSX 125 Installment Plan With 0% Markup

Suzuki GSX 125 Installment Plan With 0% Markup

Suzuki GSX 125 is recently launched by the company which has left many amazed as well as shocked. People are amazed by its design and features while at the same time, they are shocked by its high price of Rs.359,000 which is the highest among the top 3 bike manufacturers for a 125cc bike. It is the reason why many people are searching for the Suzuki GSX 125 installment plan. 

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So, we have brought to you the 0% markup installment plan which Suzuki Pakistan is offering for its 125cc motorcycle. Generally, the company offers 2 installment plans (18 months and 24 months). But for GSX 125, the company has offered only a 24-month installment plan for now.

Let’s see its details here.

Suzuki GSX 125 Installment Plan (0% Markup)

Here is the official 0% markup installment plan for Suzuki GSX 125.

Suzuki 125 Installment Plan

Down Payment & Duration

Down Payment / Advance PaymentRs.107,700
Duration / Monthly Installments24 Months

Monthly Installments

Installment Per MonthRs.10,500
Last Installment / 24th Month InstallmentRs.9,800

It is important to note that this installment plan is offered officially and you can ask for details by visiting the official dealership of Suzuki Pakistan.


This impressive installment plan has brought the costly bike within the reach of the common man. Suzuki GSX 125 comes at a price point at which you even have the option to buy a modern 150cc Honda bike. But Suzuki is popular for its 0% markup installment plan. It is also a major reason behind the success of its bikes in Pakistan.

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Let’s see how effective this strategy is against the popular Yamaha YBR 125 which is ruling the modern 125cc modern bike category in the country. Also, we will have to see if people still prefer it or buy a 150cc bike instead.

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