Suzuki GSX 125: Design | Specs | Features | Price & More

Suzuki GSX 125: Design | Specs | Features | Price & More

Ever since Suzuki discontinued the production of Suzuki GS150SE (Special Edition) in July 2022, it was expected that the company would launch another model in its place. While Suzuki hasn’t officially launched it, it is almost certain that you will get to see the GSX125 in the local market soon.

Suzuki GSX125 being on display at the recently held Pakistan Auto Show – PAPS 2022 in Lahore, is one of the biggest reasons why we believe it will be launched soon. More on that later in the blog. 

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Let’s first talk about its design.


It’s a modern looking bike and the designer has made sure that your first impression is of an aggressive sporty bike. GSX125 has a sleek body. With alloy wheels, it exudes aggression. In short, it looks nothing like the GS150SE.


Let’s look a bit more into what it offers in terms of specs and features. 

Suzuki GSX125: Specs & Features

These are some of the quick highlights of this bike:

  • Engine: 125cc single cylinder engine, air-cooled, petrol
  • Power: 10.45 hp
  • Torque: 9.2 Nm
  • Transmission: 5-speed constant-mesh with return shift 
  • Fuel efficiency: 42 Km/l 
  • Front brake: dual-piston caliper disc
  • Rear brake: drum 
  • Suspension front: dual inverted fork-tubes
  • Suspension rear: spring-loaded shock absorbers
  • Curb weight: 126 Kg

Suzuki GSX125 Price in Pakistan

Initially, imported or CBU Suzuki GSX125 would be launched. Its price is expected to be in the range of Rs.345,000 – Rs.375,000. However, once Suzuki starts to manufacture it locally, its price may come down somewhat.  

Expected Launch

September or October 2022. However, Suzuki hasn’t said anything about its launch yet. So, stay tuned to our space as we’ll update this information as soon as we hear something from the company. 


This bike is for those who are thinking about buying either Honda CB125F or Yamaha YBR125. Once launched, this population segment would have one more bike to choose from. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the differences between Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR125, read: Suzuki GS150 vs. Honda CB 125 F vs. Yamaha YBR 125-G – The best touring bike in Pakistan?

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Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this bike in the comments below.

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