Suzuki GS 150 2023 Model: Is Old Still Gold?

Suzuki GS 150 2023 Model: Is Old Still Gold?

Bike manufacturers in Pakistan have started to introduce the 2023 models of their motorcycles. Suzuki enthusiasts are expecting the Suzuki GS 150 2023 model as well. But do you know that its stickers have remained the same for ages?  

We have contacted some dealerships and they are saying that the 2023 model of 150 will once again remain the same. So, let’s see specs and features of the existing model. We will also highlight expectations of many customers from the upcoming model.

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Suzuki GS 150 Specs & Features (Current Model)

Here are the specs and features of Suzuki GS 150. 

Engine150cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, OHC
Bore & Stroke57.0mm & 56.8mm
Starter SystemKick / Electric Start
Transmission5-Speed Constant Mesh
Engine Kill SwitchYes
Ground Clearance155mm
Dry mass116kg
Fuel Tank12.0 L
BrakesDrum (Both)
Tyre Front2.75-18 42P
Tyre Rear3.00-18 47P
ColorsBlack & Red

Apart from the self/electric start option, most of the other specs and features are the same as the GS 150 had for years. Suzuki introduced an Alloy Rim model named GS 150 SE which was discontinued. The reason is unknown as the 150 SE model was quite popular among customers. 

Suzuki GS 150 2023 Model: Customers’ Expectations

Many people want a change in the GS 150 design. It is because the bike is popular but has come with the same old design for years. Here are some suggestions based on customers’ expectations from the Suzuki GS 150 2023 model.

New Design

It is quite understandable that people want a completely new design as they are bored with the same design of Suzuki GS 150 for over a decade now. Its shape, graphics, and other design elements need major upgrades.

Introduction of Balancer (Less Vibration)

Although it has less vibrations, many people complain of more vibrations once the bike speed crosses 70 to 80 km/h mark. A balancer can be a great addition to the Suzuki GS 150 2023 model that makes the engine vibration less.

Better Front Tyre

It is the need of the hour as this bike is used for tours. For that purpose 2.75-18 42P is OK but can be better. Yamaha YBR 125G comes with a 3.00 – 18 47P tyre which is more suitable for long tours and off roading. So, Suzuki GS 150 2023 should come with wide tires.

DIgital Instrument Cluster

The current model is being sold for more than Rs.250,000 and yet lacks the digital instrument cluster. Considering the price, it is a genuine demand of many people. 

Fuel and Gear Indicators

Fuel and gear indicators are missing in the instrument cluster of GS 150. For many people, both indicators are a must these days. So, we can expect that the company will listen to the customers. 

Dipper is Necessary Nowadays

In this modern age, dippers in bikes are essential. Especially if the bike is mostly used for touring. So, it is a much needed thing to be introduced in the Suzuki 150 2023 model.

Better Seat (Enhance Comfort)

The seat of GS 150 is reported to be harder as experienced by many people. Although it is still more comfortable than YBR’s seat, the company should improve its comfort level by using gel or other cushioning in it.  

Modern Headlight

Headlight of the GS 150 is so conventional that people don’t like it anymore. It needs major modification or a completely new design which will be appreciated by Suzuki enthusiasts. 

Quality Improvements

Many GS 150 users complain about its paint, body, chrome, switches, side mirror, and the quality of other parts. Some also complain about rusting. So, it is important for the company to address these issues and improve the bike’s quality. 

Safety Lock for Side Cover

There are some complaints that the side covers come out at high speeds. The company must look into this matter.

New and Better Mudguards 

There are many complaints about the narrow mudguards (especially front) that don’t block the mud and water splashes completely. So, we can expect that the company will resolve this problem in the upcoming model. 

Enhanced Carrier Rack Design

Carrier rack of the Suzuki 150 is outdated. It is time to make it look modern along with the new body design.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

You will find many people complaining about the fuel efficiency of the GS 150. Suzuki can modify it to improve its fuel efficiency. It will win the hearts of people upset by increasing petrol prices in Pakistan

Suzuki GS 150 2023 Price in Pakistan

Stay tuned for the 2023 Suzuki GS 150 price in Pakistan. We will update it after it is announced. Currently, the 2022 model comes at Rs.251,000.

Final Verdict

We know that Suzuki has hardly brought any change in the GS 150 in many years. Now is the time to think about it and introduce the changes that are required by the customers. Suzuki may have GR 150 that comes with most of the features that customers demand. But its price is too high for many. So, introducing these changes in the upcoming model can win the hearts of many customers. 

Would you still buy a Suzuki GS 150 if the company doesn’t bring any change in it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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