Popular Car Body Types: Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and Many More.

Popular Car Body Types: Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and Many More.

Buying a car requires you to put in a lot of thought and effort. It is a huge investment so people need to research well before they make a final decision. 

Human beings have engineered various types of cars and all of them serve different purposes. While some are made to transport goods, others are made for the purpose of luxury traveling. No matter which kind of car you want to get, it is extremely essential that you consider factors like price, mileage, fuel type, size, etc. 

Since each car has different specifications and features, it is essential to go through them to find out if the car you are considering getting has the features that you require or not. 

But before all of that, you must understand that cars have different bodies as well. What is an MPV? What is the difference between a Sedan and an SUV? All of these questions make the process difficult for the buyer. They not only make the process difficult but also delay it. 

In this blog, we have tried to briefly explain each type and make the decision process easier for you. 

1) Sedan

Sedans are the most popular type of cars with four doors and a large trunk. Its design is similar to a hatchback but with an extended trunk. There are further categories of sedans which are as follows:


C-Segment (sub-compact or small Sedans)

These sedans are high in demand due to their small size and economic price. 

  • Referred to as sub-compact sedans, these cars have a length of 4.3m (approx.) or less. Cars that come under this category are: Honda City, Toyota Yaris, and Changan Alsvin. 
  • Small or compact sedans have a length of 4.6m (approx.) or less. Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla fall under this category. 

D-Segment (mid-sized Sedans)

These are mid-sized sedans having length of around 4.9M (approx.) or less. D segment cars or midsize sedans are not very popular in Pakistan due to higher prices. Some cars that fall under this category are: Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

These cars have exceptional safety and comfort features. D segment cars are also known as the bridge sedans (between C-segment and E-Segment).

E-Executive Segment (executive luxury Sedans)

As the name suggests, E-segment cars are pure luxury sedans. They offer all luxury features currently available in the market. 

  • Compact luxury sedans have a length around 4.9m-5m (approx.) mark.
  • Mid-size luxury sedans have a length of around 5m-5.2m (approx.).
  • Full-size luxury sedans have length of 5.2m (approx.) or more.

Their engine, interior, and exterior, everything is top of the line. Audi A6 and BMW 7 series are examples of luxury sedans.

2) Coupe

Coupe is a car type just like sedan 2-door. Most coupes have 2 seats only, but 4 seater coupes are also available. The rear seats in 4 seater coupes are smaller in general. Daihatsu Copen, Honda CR-Z, and Porsche Cayman are examples of coupe.


People mostly like it due to its attractive appearance, more space in the front row, better handling, impressive acceleration, etc. 

3) Hatchback

Hatchbacks are also a popular car category in Pakistan, especially 5-door hatchbacks. But there are 3-door models available globally as well. These are B-segment (small) cars that people like due to their low price and fuel efficiency. Most of these types of vehicles have foldable rear seats so you can use them for cargo as well. 


In Pakistan, many people who have to drive through narrow streets frequently prefer hatchbacks. They generally have more height than sedans so they are preferred by six-footers who cannot afford to spend on an SUV. It is among the most popular types of cars when people look for a budget vehicle.

Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus, KIA Picanto, and Suzuki Swift are some of the popular hatchbacks in Pakistan. 

4) SUV

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles) have been becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan since the last 2 years. These types of cars have more height and width (generally) than sedans. Their seating position is high and they also differ from MPVs due to their sporty look. From Budget to Luxury, SUVs are available in all ranges. Most of these types of cars have 5 doors, while some have 3.


Most people like them due to the following benefits:

  • Off road capabilities (4 or all wheel drive models)
  • Extra seating (availability of 7 seats in some SUVs)
  • More leg and head room
  • More cargo space
  • Higher sitting position

There are different types of SUVs like small-size (subcompact and compact) crossover, mid-size SUV/crossover, and full-size crossover/SUV. Most of them come with a 2-wheel drive, while others either have a 4-wheel or all wheel drive that are mostly known as off-roaders. 

There is a difference between a Crossover and an SUV. Crossovers are mostly built on car-chassis (structure), whereas SUVs are built on truck-based chassis (structure). Crossovers can be subcompact, mid-size compact or full size. However, most SUVs are full size. You might also see some mid-size SUVs but hardly any smaller one.

SUVs in different size categories

  • Small-size or subcompact crossovers: MG ZS, Chery Tiggo 4 Pro
  • Compact crossovers: KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tucson
  • Mid-size SUVs/crossovers: Toyota Fortuner/Changan Oshan X7
  • Full-size SUVs/crossovers: Toyota Land Cruiser

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5) Convertible / Cabriolet / Roadster

Convertibles are cars (sedans, SUVs, or hatchbacks) that can be converted into roofless cars. Their roof retract into the body (backside generally) that leaves the passenger cabin open from the top side. They mostly have powered roofs that retract or come out with the single press of a button. The roof is mostly made of fabric but these days, metal roof design with foldable parts is also developed. 


This car category is exceptional for people who love road trips and love being close to nature.

Convertibles are not popular in Pakistan as the country faces extreme weather most times of the year. 

Moreover, dust is also a reason why many people don’t buy it. So, companies haven’t introduced this type of car in the local market. You can buy them in used condition though. 

Popular convertible cars (used) in Pakistan are Mercedes Benz SLK Convertible, Audi A5 Convertible, and Daihatsu Copen Convertible.

6) Super Cars (Sports Cars)

Super or sports cars are powerful, stylish, and performance oriented vehicles with sporty aesthetics. Most of them have very low ground clearance to provide better stability and road grip. Super cars mostly have 2 doors and 2 seats. You will hardly find any car with 4 seats in this category. They come in both long and short lengths. 


People mostly get them to enjoy thrilling rides, stand out on the road among other cars, etc. Some people also get it because their role model owns it.

Only a limited number of people have sports cars in Pakistan. It is due to their high price and high maintenance cost. Porsche 911, Alpine A110, McLaren 720S, BMW M3/M4, Ford Mustang, etc. are some of the popular sports cars.

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7) MPVs

MPV stands for Multi Purpose Vehicle. Due to their high usability, MPVs (wagons and minivans) are among the popular types of cars, especially in Pakistan. They have a higher seating capacity (generally more than 5) as some even have 11 or more seats. MPVs are also known as passenger vehicles. 


Many people confuse MPVs with station wagons. Both are different in terms of style but fall almost in the same category. MPVs are mostly taller than the station wagons though. They are also different from commercial wagons in terms of size (commercial wagons are larger). 

Changan Karvaan, Kia Carnival, and Hyundai Staria are some examples of MPVs or minivans. 

8) Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are a combination of MPV and truck. Their front side (cabin) is mostly like an MPV, whereas the backside is similar to a truck. The word “Pickup” in the name indicates a large baggage area. They may have 2 seats or more depending upon the models. Their chassis is much stronger, so they can carry a load comfortably. Some of them come with a four or all wheel drive option which make them useful in off-roading as well.


Hilux, Revo, and Isuzu D-Max are some of the most popular pickup trucks in Pakistan. 

Some smaller versions are known as kei-trucks, small pickup trucks, or mini-trucks. The most popular mini trucks are FAW Carrier, KIA Frontier K2700, JAC X200, and Suzuki Ravi. 

Distinction between the types of cars can be difficult for many people when planning to buy a vehicle, especially for those who are new to this. So to make your decision making process easier, we have discussed some of the most popular car bodies. 

Which type of car is most suitable for you? Tell us in the comment section.

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