How To Avail Islamabad Vehicle Registration: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Avail Islamabad Vehicle Registration: A Step-By-Step Guide

Whether you are about to buy a new vehicle or a used one, having vehicle registration is highly important. Registering it is a legal  liability and even your car is under constant threat if it is not registered. However, registration can be a challenging task when you don’t know where to begin. Therefore, we bring you a comprehensive step-by step guide for Islamabad vehicle registration.

Islamabad Vehicle Registration – Walk-in/Offline

Although standing in long queues can be tiresome, knowing the process of Islamabad vehicle registration before time can be of great help. So, let’s start with the documents required.

Required Documents for Walk-in Car Registration

The document requirements for car registration vary on a provincial level. Moreover, the process of registration is also different for local and imported vehicles. You will need the following documents for Islamabad vehicle registration:

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s CNIC is required
  • An application addressed to the Excise & Taxation Officer requesting registration of the new vehicle.
  • Proof of purchase, depending on the type of vehicle: 
  1. For locally manufactured vehicles: Sale invoice, sale certificate, and related documents.
  2. In case of imported vehicles: Bill of entry, bill of lading, old registration book, and related documents.
  3. Lastly, for auctioned vehicles: Auction voucher and related documents.
  • Proof of residence is required and the acceptable documents may include:

Utility bills (such as electricity, gas, etc.), CNIC, Lease agreement, Property registry, Allotment letter. For government servants, an office card or appointment letter is valid as residential proof in Islamabad.

Note: Preparing for the documents beforehand is also essential so you don’t have to run back and forth to gather them.

Steps to Follow for Walk-in Islamabad Vehicle Registration:

After gathering your documents, you need to visit the ICTA office located Adjacent to HEC Building, Service Road, Sector H-9 in Islamabad. Upon reaching, these are the steps you need to follow for Islamabad vehicle registration:

  • Visit the designated Excise Inspector along with your vehicle and documents for a physical inspection and verification. The Inspector will document the inspection findings on Form ‘F’ (manual) and sign your application.
  • After the Inspector verifies your documents, proceed to the designated Data Entry Operator (DEO). If all documents are found complete and accurate, the DEO will continue processing your application. However if any issues are identified, you will be informed about the discrepancies.
  • Now, the DEO will issue a computerized Form ‘F’, which requires your signature to verify and authenticate the details.
  • At this stage, you will need to pay the applicable fee to the designated DEO.
  • The DEO will collect the vehicle document file from you and issue the vehicle registration receipt to you.
  • Lastly, deposit the fee for the number plate in cash directly to the DEO.

Online Islamabad Vehicle Registration

Furthermore, if you want to be saved from the trouble of standing in long lines, ICTA allows a much easier and smoother way to get things done. You can now opt for online registration for your cars while sitting within the comfort of your home.  

Required Information for Islamabad Online Car Registration

The details you have to fill in for the online registration are as follows:

  • Owner’s details: Name, address, contact information (phone number, email), and NTN (National Tax Number – for filers).
  • Transfer specifics: If purchasing a used car, purchaser information and the person named on the vehicle invoice.
  • Hire purchase details: Bank information related to the agreement (in case of purchasing through bank)
  • Taxpayer information: Filer or non-filer.
  • Vehicle particulars: Body type, manufacturer details, model, assessed value and purchase date.
  • Owner’s representative: Authorized individual who appears at the ETD office on behalf of the owner.

Steps to Follow for Online Islamabad Vehicle Registration:

In order to register the vehicle in online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Excise & Taxation Department ICT.
  • Then, click on vehicle registration under online services.
  • Upon clicking, you will be led to the online vehicle registration form.
  • Fill in your details and click save!

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How Much Will The Vehicle Registration Cost?

Since the fiscal budget for the year 2024-2025 was announced, the government has increased the taxes on vehicle registration. In order to have an estimate about the cost of vehicle registration, you should know that there are certain taxes you need to pay apart from the registration fee as well. 

To get a better idea of these taxes, here is a breakdown: Registration fee + Advance Tax + Token Tax + Income Tax ( + Professional Tax for Commercial Vehicle).

Registration Fee 

Refer to the table below to calculate the registration fee for your car:

Vehicle TypeEngine CapacityValue of Vehicle
Private1000 cc and Below01%
Private1001 cc to 2000 cc02%
Private2001 cc and Above04%

Token Tax

Thirdly, the details about token tax for private vehicles are given below:

Engine Capacity (cc)Amount in Rs.
Up to 1000 10,000 (Lifetime)
From 1001 to 13001,500
From 1301 to 15004,000
From 1501 to 20005,000
From 2001 to 25008,000
From 2501 & Above12,000

Income Tax 

For details about income tax on vehicles, look at the table below:

Engine Capacity (cc)Filer in Rs.Non-Filer in Rs.
Up to 85010,00020,000
From 851 to 100010,00020,000
From 1001 to 11991,5003,000
From 1200 to 12991,7503,500
From 1300 to 14992,5005,000
From 1500 to 15993,7507,000
From 1600 to 19994,5009,000
From 2000 & Above10,00020,000

Late Registration Fee

In case you fail to pay the registration fee within 60 days from the invoice date, you will have to pay a different fee. The details are as below:

Time PeriodAmount in Rs.
More than 60 days & equal or less than 180 days3,000
More than 180 days & equal or less than one year (365 days)6,000
More than one year (365 days)10,000 per year

Disclaimer: All the values have been taken from the official page of the Excise & Taxation Department ICT. However, certain changes were made in the vehicle policies after the announcement of the fiscal budget 2024-2025. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates!


And that’s a wrap! Car registration may be daunting, yet it is an equally important task. However, with the help of this detailed guide, you can easily get your car registered in Islamabad. Moreover, you can find further ease in this task by choosing the online registration method. 

We hope this guide was helpful for you! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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