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Bravo to be launched in Pakistan by United Motors

Bravo to be launched in Pakistan by United Motors

United Motors have been successful in Pakistan for selling motorcycles and now they are trying to venture into the realm of automobiles with the introduction of Bravo in the Pakistani market. There has been a lot of speculation and excitement in Pakistan with regard to Bravo as it is expected to be a competitor of Suzuki Mehran given the price range it is expected to be introduce in. Suzuki Mehran has long enjoyed a monopoly status in the Pakistani market with no direct competitor. United Motors has also applied for a patent to secure its design of Bravo to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan.

Previously it was speculated to be launched in May this year; however, the dates has been pushed into July to August time period. Few of the specifications of Bravo that have been revolving around in the market are that under the hood there will be 3 cylinder 800 CC engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. As far as brakes are concerned, there will be disk brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Some of the speculated features include an infotainment system, keyless entry, RPM meter, LED brake lights, air conditioning, defogger and power steering. Since it has a smaller engine, the fuel consumption is expected to be good. As far as the design language is concerned, it is innovative and can make the small hatchback segment a little bit exciting for the Pakistani market. Furthermore, the small hatchback segment in Pakistan has been devoid of new features that are available worldwide like an infotainment system with integrated navigation capabilities.

The launch of United Bravo is refreshing for the automobile sector of Pakistan as it is conducive to fostering healthy competition between car brands. Such a competition is beneficial for the Pakistani public not only as it provides people with a variety of option but also the prices will be set at competitive levels. There are many rumors with regard to the prices of Bravo; however, the exact figure can only be found when the United Motors officially launch it and penetrate the market.


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