Benefits And Drawbacks Of Buying A Diesel Vehicle

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Buying A Diesel Vehicle
Generally diesel vehicles are considered to be more polluting than the petrol-powered cars; hence, they have received bad press over the years. In Pakistan, there used to be variants of different cars available in diesel and almost all of the SUVs and pickup trucks were diesel-powered. With the passage of time, Toyota has discontinued the widely popular 2.0D and 2.0D Saloon sedan. Which begs the question – is it really beneficial to own a diesel-powered car?
Longer Range and better Fuel Economy
Diesel engines are known for providing a longer range which means that on every refill you get more kilometers than an equivalent petrol engines. Diesel, especially in Pakistan, is expensive than petrol; however, the better mileage means that overall diesel turns out to be a cheaper alternative. Moreover, of you do long distance travelling frequently like travelling between cities, then diesel engines are a better choice. Diesel engines do not work as hard as petrol engines on motorways and highways, which means that the engine components will last longer.
Ability to tow stuff
Compared to petrol engines, diesel engines are better at towing stuff as they produce more torque. Lower in the rev range, diesel engines produce more torque than the equivalent petrol engines. Moreover, diesel engines are also good when you need massive torque to climb uphill when you are off to vacations in the hilly areas.
Quicker off the line
Ever wanted to beat your friend in a drag race? Then diesel engine can be your choice as it produces more torque than a petrol engine. This means that a diesel-powered vehicle will get off the line quicker. Petrol engines have their power accumulated higher up the rev range; hence, they lag behind diesel engines when they are getting launched in a drag race.
Noise, vibration and smoke
Diesel engines are known for making lots of noise and vibration as opposed to petrol engines. Most of the people put off their plans to buy a diesel vehicle primarily because of the excessive noise and vibration. The noise and vibration make the vehicle seem old and fusty. Since petrol is cleaner than diesel, diesel-powered cars tend to produce more smoke that contains soot, which is unburnt carbon in the fuel, and is hazardous to the health and the environment.
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