Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price in Pakistan, Specs, and Expected Feature

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price in Pakistan, Specs, and Expected Feature

Though the company has not confirmed it, as per different sources, Vivo has patented the design of a flying smartphone camera. If true, this has all the makings of revolutionizing the smartphone industry (especially in the camera department). This Vivo drone camera phone would feature infrared sensors, 2 cameras, and batteries in camera module. You must be curious about the Vivo drone camera phone price in Pakistan, right?

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Let us discuss its expected price, camera, specs, and features in this blog. 


Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price in Pakistan

Different sources suggest that Vivo flying camera phone price in Pakistan will range between Rs.195,000 – Rs.208,000. However, don’t be surprised if the real price is nowhere near this estimate once the phone is launched. But, for that, it must launch first as this phone is just rumored at the moment.

You can buy other Vivo phones instead of waiting for the launch of this device.


Vivo Drone Camera Phone: Design and Display

Rumor has it that this device might come with a 6.9-inches display and a large body. It will be suitable for it as the smartphone needs additional space to carry the drone. The display type stated by many is Super AMOLED and we can assume it would be 120Hz (as it might be the highest-priced Vivo phone). 


As per the concept design, it might consist of an aluminum frame and metal body on the back side (to protect the drone).

Vivo Drone Camera

As per sources, it will consist of a 200 MP drone camera, in addition to rear and selfie-camera modules. The drone camera might have OIS (optical image stabilization) and 4K video recording support. Infrared sensors integrated into the drone module will be used for controlling it. 


The rear camera is rumored to have 3 lenses. 32 MP Primary, 16 MP ultrawide, 5 MP Macro lens. This Flying camera mobile phone might come with a 64 MP Selfie-camera. 

This rumor is too good to be true though. Why would a company introduce a small 32 MP rear cam if it plans to introduce a 64 MP selfie camera?

Vivo Flying Camera Phone Specs and Features

Nothing can be said with certainty as there is no official announcement. So, we’ll have to wait for this phone’s launch to know its features and specs. 

However, going by rumors, this device might be introduced with a high-end Snapdragon chipset (8 gen 1 or 8 gen 2). Some say it will come with a Snapdragon 888 chipset which might not be the case due to constantly evolving technology. RAM and ROM options can be 12GB and 256 / 512 GB.


Android 12 might be the OS the company chooses if it launches this year. In any case, the company might introduce it with the latest software whenever it launches this smartphone. In terms of battery, it might come with a 5000 or 6000+ mAh battery because of the larger size. 

Final Verdict

After the company filed a patent for a flying camera phone, many started to search for a Vivo drone camera phone price in Pakistan. It is important to note that filing a patent doesn’t guarantee the launch of this smartphone.

If Vivo launches it after overcoming all the hurdles in the development phase, it might be a game-changer for the company. We have mentioned the expected price, camera, specs, and features of this phone as per multiple sources. The actual features and specs can vary.

Do you think Vivo will ever launch a drone camera phone? Also, what are your thoughts on Vivo drone camera phone price in Pakistan? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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