iPhone vs. Android Smartphones: Does It Matter Which Is Better?

iPhone vs. Android Smartphones: Does It Matter Which Is Better?

iPhone and Android users have always been at loggerheads over which of the two phones are better. Interestingly, this debate has never had an actual winner and perhaps, never will. Both phones have their pros and cons and neither can overcome the other completely. 

An iOS user finds it hard to switch to an android phone due to the differences among them and vice versa. But with the passing of time, it has been seen that android and iPhone operations are quite similar to each other in many ways, so switching is not a big problem anymore.

Difference between iPhone and Android Smartphones

Below is an overview of the differences among features of both the phones, so you can pick one according to your own needs and liking.


To give you a better idea of the differences between Android and iOS, we give you a comparison between the most advanced models of both of the phones.

iPhone 13Samsung Galaxy S22
Screen Size6.1 inches (2532 x 1170)6.1 inches (2340 x 1080)
Weight0.17 kg0.16 kg
ProcessorA15 BionicSnapdragon 8 Gen 1 (US)Exynos 2200 (K)
Storage128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB
Battery Life10 hr 33 mins7 hr 51 mins
Charging Speeds20W wired15W wireless25W wired15W wired
ColorsBlack, white, pink, blue, redBlack, white, green, pink gold

Apps and Performance

Both the iPhone and Android smartphones are exceptional performers. However, iOS supports a better quality of apps. Phones using iOS tend to enjoy a cleaner and a faster running of apps. iOS developers are way ahead of android developers in creation of apps. Android smartphones are good in performance but it has been observed that iOS users face less hurdles while running apps than the android users. 

Design Features 

Apple devices have a premium design supporting a simple interface. They are manufactured with attention to detail and the finishing has an elegance to it. Android smartphones have a sleek metal body which comes in various sizes. Latest version of Android now provides you with Material You design, allowing you to personalize your phone. This makes the OS more engaging and colorful.


Android gives its users a free hand to personalize their devices in any way they want. Users can change the placements of apps or get their software customized. Such liberty of optimization is not allowed by iOS. 

Charging Cable

Android smartphones have a single USB-C port. Only one wire is required for charging and transferring data in all android phones. iPhone users however do not enjoy the universal cable feature. A certain cable will only work for a certain type of iPhone. Android supports faster charging and easier file transfer compared to iOS.

Continuity Features

The Apple ecosystem entertains continuity features which android devices do not. Suppose you took pictures on your iPhone but its battery is about to run out, you can switch to your Macbook instead and continue editing your pictures from there. Most android smartphones do not support this feature.

Camera Quality 

Once again we compare iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22.

iPhone 13Samsung Galaxy S22
Front Camera12MP10MP
Rear Cameras12MP main; 12MP ultrawide50MP wide; 12MP ultrawide

Samsung Galaxy S22 operates a camera of higher megapixels but an iPhone has a larger sensor, which means iPhone works better when focusing and capturing images in dim light. The iPhone camera beats most android smartphones. 

Faster Updates

As there are multiple companies manufacturing android smartphones, they have faster and more innovative updates than iOS. Most updates including wireless charging, water resistance and multi-lens camera make their way to Android first and iOS later.


Android offers a wide range of smartphones and are more affordable than iPhone. The iPhone is considered a status symbol by most people. It is more expensive than android smartphones but sells itself due to its excellent innovative features, easier handling and efficiency.


iOS requires you to spend a lot of money and upgrade your iPhone if you want more space on your device. Whereas, android smartphones have an additional storage capacity which comes in the shape of a microSD card. Apart from internal storage, you can store data on your SD card without spending much money.

Final Verdict

In some ways, features of Android and iPhone overlap each other but the differences stated among them can give you a better understanding on which is a better option for you according to your preferences. iOS is more popular, convenient and easy to use. Android gives you a more fun, liberating and personalized experience. 

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What is your take on this? Would you prefer iOS or android? Let us know in the comments.

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