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iPhone X Vs. Mid Range Android Phones Under Rs.70,000

iPhone X Vs. Mid Range Android Phones Under Rs.70,000

Back in 2017, when iPhone X was launched in Pakistan, it was a game changer for Apple. The iPhone X was an entirely new phone in terms of design, camera, performance, battery life, and price. Yes, it was the first iPhone to sell for $1000; a price which kept increasing with time. 

Now that the phone is five years old, it’s an affordable device having an Apple logo on its back. It can now be bought for Rs.60,000 to Rs.70,000, which begs the question, why not buy other brand new phones for 70K or less like Mi, Vivo, Samsung, and Oppo phones. 

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Let’s find out if iPhone X is still worth it in 2022 in Pakistan.


iPhone X is now two generations old in terms of design. But it still doesn’t look outdated. Despite being years old, the iPhone X still feels solid in hand. It’s a premium phone featuring stainless steel design and a glass back. These features are missing in most android phones in this price bracket.

Mid range phones often come with a plastic or aluminum build. They also look good and feel nice in hand, but they don’t feel premium. The biggest flaw in the design of mid-range phones is that they often look identical to their flagship device. Despite being new, their design is still no match to the years old iPhone X.  


iPhone X uses superior OLED panels, which many of its latest competitors lack. Also, this was the first iPhone to switch to OLED panels from IPS LCD. The OLED panel in iPhone X supports HDR 10 and Dolby visions. The display panel in iPhone X is folded at the bottom. This results in extremely narrow bezels with an immersive display. 

The screen on iPhone X is small at 5.85-inch, which isn’t for everyone. iPhone X has a big forehead notch at the top housing Face ID sensors like all the latest iPhones.

Super AMOLED is now a standard display benchmark for mid range smartphones. These Super AMOLED panels are calibrated for excellent colors and saturation in upper mid range smartphones. Many of these displays use a water drop notch or punch hole cameras. That allows for an exceptional display experience. Also, the displays in mid range phones are now high-refresh-rate, which means these are at par with iPhone X in terms of smoothness. These midrange smartphone displays won’t disappoint you, but iPhone X has better display quality if you can live with a big notch on the top. 


Thanks to the excellent computational photography and AI calibrations, the iPhone X camera still rocks. iPhone X uses a dual camera to shoot excellent photos and videos. It uses a 12MP primary sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens. Both cameras offer OIS and PDAF.

Pictures are slightly warmer than android smartphones but are the closest to what the human eye can see. The video quality is exceptional with excellent focus, stabilization, dynamic range and noise reduction.

Android cameras are getting better, and these do offer good quality pictures. Mid range Android phones are stuffed with several cameras while ignoring the quality of at least one or two sensors. The macro lens in these cameras is barely usable. The primary lens works fine in good lighting. However, these cameras often struggle with noise in low light conditions. All in all, it’s good to have so much versatility, which is absent in the iPhone camera. 

Where the android phones struggle is in the video quality. Despite smooth and sharp videos, they lack color calibration, dynamic range and noise reduction. 


iPhone X uses A11 bionic chipset; it’s capable of handling anything you throw at it. Hexa-core CPU clocking at 2.39 GHz coupled with Apple three-core GPU ensures that you always get the finest quality from every app. iPhone X can run demanding games like PUBG. 

On paper specs like 3GB RAM never bother in real life. It’s because iPhones are based on a highly optimized iOS platform which makes it smooth and quick in a limited 3GB RAM. 

Mid range Android phones often come with a 700 series Snapdragon or a MediaTek chipset. These are good performers while helping with the battery. However, this chipset cannot push the device to the limits with extreme games, even with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. This is why these phones often stutter or lag in extreme situations while iPhones are prone to lag. 


iPhones never had a great battery life until the recent iPhone 13. iPhone X doesn’t make sense if you are a heavy phone user. You might have to charge it multiple times a day. Also, the battery size is only 2716 mAH.  A battery may be changed for better performance but even in good condition, it won’t last you more than 4 hours of screen time. 

However, like all Apple devices, this one also has a perfect standby time. So if you don’t do gaming and need a phone with good day to day performance, camera, and display, iPhone X is still a good option if you can live with a used phone. iPhone X features wireless charging which is absent in android smartphones under Rs.70,000.

Android phones are known for their long battery lives. Mid range smartphones have large battery sizes ranging from 4500 mAh to even 6000 mAH. With this battery size, you can expect any device to hold up till the end of the day. Some android phones may even last you 2-days with light usage. 


As mentioned above, the iPhone X costs around 60 to 70 thousand rupees in Pakistan, depending upon the smartphone’s condition. Within this price range, the following are your Android options: 

  • Xiaomi 11T 
  • Poco F3 
  • Samsung Galaxy A72 
  • Oppo Reno 4

What features does iPhone X miss?

iPhones lack features and customization, while Android phones are loaded with features. Here are the features absent in the iPhone X that are common in Android phones. 

  • Edge display
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • High refresh rate
  • Waterdrop or punch-hole display
  • Good battery with fast charging
  • Customizable features like Always-on display and shortcut features

Which one is a better buy, iPhone X or a mid range android phone?

If you are a heavy mobile phone user, you might want to go with an Android phone. If you want a device for gaming, has good battery life and all the cool features in it, then get a mid range Android  smartphone. There are a few other advantages of buying a mid range Android phone over iPhone X:

  • Brand new
  • Value for money
  • Excellent battery life

However, the iPhone X is for you if you are a light user and only need a great smartphone for day to day tasks. Furthermore, the iPhone X is better when it comes to: 

  • Excellent camera
  • Premium build quality
  • Good resale value
  • Superb HDR 10 and Dolby vision certified displays

If you were to choose between the two, what would be your choice? Let us know in the common section below. 

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