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Samsung Galaxy Ring: The Lord of the (Smart) Rings

Samsung Galaxy Ring: The Lord of the (Smart) Rings

We have become so accustomed to mobile smartphones that we have almost forgotten about their predecessors: analog phones. Although not as widespread as smartphones, smartwatches are rapidly gaining popularity as the next best alternative to traditional wristwatches. And wearable technology isn’t stopping here thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

You may soon be wearing a smart wedding ring capable of measuring your health indicators, equipped with a heart rate monitor, an electrocardiogram (ECG), and sleep-tracking capabilities—all while maintaining the appearance of a traditional ring.

Android phone leader, Samsung, is said to be working on such a ring. It’s not yet available in the market, but some sources suggest it will launch early next year when the South Korean tech giant releases the Galaxy S24 series.

This blog is about the Samsung Galaxy Ring and what you can expect from it.

Possible Highlights 

First up, this would be Samsung’s first finger-worn wearable. The Samsung Galaxy Ring might launch before January, but it could take some time if Samsung needs medical certifications. This smart ring is expected to have features like a:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • ECG 
  • Sleep tracking 
  • Step tracking 
  • Blood oxygen monitoring 

The Galaxy Ring is set to be a high-profile smart ring, competing with products like the Oura (Generation 3), and it could be one of the best fitness trackers available. However, don’t forget, it’s Samsung’s best-kept secret to date, so whatever ‘leaks’ there are about the ring, especially images, may not always be reliable. Stay tuned to our blog section, as we’ll update it with more authentic information on the ring whenever it becomes available.

It’s possible that this smart ring, once launched, may not suit everyone. If you’re a traditional jewelry person, then check out jewelry rings in Pakistan on OLX Pakistan’s listings.

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