PTA Tax on iPhone 15 Pro Max & Other Variants

PTA Tax on iPhone 15 Pro Max & Other Variants

After the introduction of iPhone 15 series, many are curious about the PTA taxes associated with the iPhone 15 Pro Max and other variants of the series. Are they higher than those for the iPhone 14 series, or have they remained the same? We have all the answers in this blog. 

As the iPhone 15 series is launched at the same price as the iPhone 14 series, the taxes are nearly the same as well. However, the amount of tax you will need to pay depends on the method you choose for obtaining approval.The tax on CNIC is higher compared to the PTA tax when you use your passport for mobile registration (if you are returning from abroad with a valid passport & visa).

So, let’s begin with the PTA tax on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and other variants.

iPhone 15 PTA Tax (On Passport & CNIC)

The table below lists the PTA taxes on iPhone 15 Pro Max and other variants on both Passport & CNIC.

iPhone 15 ModelsPTA Tax on Passport (Rs.)PTA Tax on CNIC (Rs.)
iPhone 15 107,325130,708
iPhone 15 Plus113,075137,033
iPhone 15 Pro122,275147,153
iPhone 15 Pro Max131,130156,893

The amounts mentioned here are approximate. The actual may vary.

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Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals Are Exempted from PTA Taxes?

Great news as overseas Pakistanis are no longer required to pay PTA taxes for registering their mobile phones. A new temporary mobile registration service has been introduced. Due to this new service, overseas Pakistanis and foreign visitors in Pakistan can register their mobile devices without paying any duties or taxes. But only for a period of 120 days. Local mobile networks will work on their mobile phones during this time.

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A Detailed Guide for PTA Mobile Registration


Following the release of the iPhone 15 series, many are keen to know the PTA tax rates for these new models. Here, we have shown the iPhone 15 Pro Max PTA tax and the tax on its siblings. So, this information will help you navigate the PTA approval process for your mobile device. Also, for a complete understanding of the approval process and how to enable SIM functionality, you can watch the video provided above or visit our page

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