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Yes! Honda has increased its bike prices twice this month

Yes! Honda has increased its bike prices twice this month

When was the last time an auto manufacturer increased the prices of its products twice in a month? 

We don’t have a definitive answer but Honda certainly has achieved this “feat” this month. Honda’s excuse is increased steel prices and devaluation of the local currency.

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Latest Honda Bikes Prices in Pakistan

Here below are the details of the new as well as old prices of Honda Bikes in Pakistan.

Honda Bikes’ new Prices in Pakistan

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Honda CD-7097,90099,9002,000
Honda CD-70 Dream104,500106,5002,000
Honda Pridor 100133,900136,9003,000
Honda CG 125155,900159,5003,600
Honda CG 125S-SE185,500189,5004,000
Honda CB 125F227,900236,9009,000
Honda CB 150F (Red and Blue)282,900291,9009,000
Honda CB 150F (Silver)286,900295,9009,000

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What do we think of this price hike?

Inflation is a natural phenomenon and nobody is stopping auto manufacturers from increasing the prices of their vehicles. However, before any price hike, they must first tell the people that they should anticipate price hikes in the near future. Furthermore, rather than just increasing prices every other month, auto manufacturers must give a clear justification for such a move. 

For example, if steel prices and rupee devaluation are actually the reason then Honda should be able to tell its customers how this increase has affected its production cost, etc. Simply finger pointing at the devaluation of the rupee has started to sound like a broken record.  

Let us know what you think of this latest price increase from Honda. 

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  1. I request government to allow import bike from India as the local companies not meeting the quality standard with price.

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