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Proton Saga price in Pakistan GOES UP

Finally, Proton too has joined the bandwagon by increasing the price of its premiere model Saga.

Whoever said rupee devaluation against the dollar isn’t a common man’s problem either didn’t understand the complexity of the situation or simply wanted to misguide people. Irrespective of whether rupee devaluation actually leads to (or should) appreciation in automobile prices, nonetheless this is the most commonly used excuse here.

New Proton Saga Price in Pakistan 

This price hike has been across all three variants of the sedan.

Saga MT1,925,0002,149,000224,00011
Saga AT2,075,0002,299,000224,00010
Saga ACE2,175,0002,399,000224,00010

So, while the price has uniformly been increased by Rs.224,000 across all three variants, interestingly when you look at the percentage wise increase, you get the real picture. As can be seen, the Saga Manual variant has had the biggest price increase as compared to the other two variants.  

Would this hurt Proton Saga Pakistan sales?

Would Saga be the Peoples “Intelligent Choice”?

Proton probably hiked these prices knowing well that their vehicle would still be one of the cheapest in the sedan category. For example, the new price of Saga MT is still far lower than the new prices of Honda City and Changan Alsvin. 

Alsvin 1.3L M/T Comfort costs Rs.Rs.2,424,000, while Honda City 1.2L M/T costs around Rs.2,729,000. 

So, price wise Saga remains cheaper than Alsvin and City. However, this alone may not help boost its sales. Saga is untested and new to the Pakistani market. The first locally assembled Saga was introduced in the market as recently as last month. So, it remains to be seen how it is received by the local car enthusiasts and consumers. 

For the latest sales figures of Saga, stay tuned to our blog where we will soon bring the latest sales numbers of various makes and models in Pakistan. 

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