Aseel Chicken Breeds in Pakistan with Pictures

Aseel Chicken Breeds in Pakistan with Pictures

Aseel is an Indian origin chicken breed that has been here for around 2,000 years. Although it is a chicken breed, many types have developed within it with the passage of time. Different countries have various Asil breeds of their own. Same is the case with our country as there are many types of Aseel breeds in Pakistan now which are as follows.

Let’s discuss these asil chicken breeds in this blog.

Shamo Aseel

Shamo Aseel is a fighting breed. This type of Aseel breed is taller and has a smaller tail as compared to many other Aseels. It is hard feathered (but feathers are not as thick as other Aseels) and used in cock fighting which is still legal in Japan (the breed is originally from Thailand though). As the culture of cock fighting is popular in rural areas of Pakistan, we can say it is among the most popular Asil breeds in the country. 


Popular Characteristics

  • Muscular thighs
  • Wider body
  • Feathers are not as thick as other Aseels
  • Smaller earlobes and tail
  • Generally black color with green shades

Shamo Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Shamo Aseel at an average price of 10,000 to 20,000 rupees.

Amroha Aseel

Amroha is a rare Asil breed which is said to be from Amroha State in India. However, there is no concrete evidence. It is even difficult to find it in its original form due to variations. Most people identify it with its small to medium size, glossy feathers, curvy body design, small to medium size legs and feet. They are generally black breasted red or black breasted brown. 


Popular Characteristics

  • Small to medium size
  • Glossy feathers
  • Small legs and feet
  • Generally black breasted red or black breasted brown

Amroha Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Amroha Aseel at an average price of 5,000 to 10,000 rupees.

Heera Aseel

The name Heera suits this breed the most because of its white color. Many people get confused between broiler chicken and this Aseel breed due to its color. But it has other characteristics that make it look more aseel than broiler chicken. Heera has medium to long legs, long and thick (feathered) neck, and a long tail. 


Popular Characteristics

  • White color
  • Long tail
  • Wide breast
  • Medium to long legs

Heera Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Heera Aseel at an average price of 8,000 to 15,000 rupees.

Parrot Beak Aseel

As the name suggests, Parrot Beak Aseel breed is known for its long tail (just like parrots). Even its head is a bit roundish that resembles most of the curved head parrots. Also, its beak is smaller than most aseels and resembles more with the parrots. Half of their beak is red and the front half is yellow. Legs and feet are thick and long while the eyes are wide. 


Popular Characteristics

  • Parrot-like long tail
  • Parrot like head
  • Thick feet and legs
  • Smaller beak
  • Multiple color variations (brown, doted, brown and green, black and green, black and red, etc.)

Parrot Beak Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Parrot Beak Aseel at an average price of 15,000 to 25,000 rupees.

Mianwali Aseel

This Aseel breed gets its name from a district in Punjab, Mianwali, where it is commonly found. It is smaller in size than the Sindhi Aseel breed. It is also a popular fighting breed. Mianwali Aseel is much faster and a great head hitter due to its smaller size. They can even kill the bigger roosters which is the reason why many people love to raise them for cock fights. 

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Popular Characteristics

  • Small curved beak
  • Strong joints
  • Small to medium size (feet, legs, and upper body)
  • Pearl / white / yellow color eyes
  • Longer tail than Shamo but smaller than Parrot Beak Asil
  • Multiple color variations (patchy brown or black on white color, black and green with patchy white tail, etc.)

Mianwali Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Mianwali Aseel at an average price of 3,500 to 7,500 rupees.

Thai Aseel 

Well! Many Aseel breeds are originally from Thailand. But locals have titled one of them as Thai Aseel. It mostly has a combination of black and green colors and red face (including crown). There is also a red patch on their chest that makes them distinctive from many others.  It is among the most popular types of Aseel breeds in Pakistan.

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Popular Characteristics

  • Black or brown color with dark green mixing
  • Red face and crown along with the same color patch on the chest
  • Long neck, feet, and legs.
  • Long tail (but smaller than Parrot Beak Asil)

Thai Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Thai Aseel at an average price of 10,000 to Rs.18,000 rupees.

Lasani Aseel

Lasani Aseel is one of the rarest Asil breeds in Pakistan. They are of medium size but are famously known as neck breakers. So, looks can be deceptive. Many people use them in cock fighting games. They have smaller necks than Amroha Asils. Lasani Asils are mistaken for the Mushka Aseel most of the time but they are different.

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Popular Characteristics

  • Smaller neck and leg size
  • Larger breast and upper body size
  • A bit longer beak than Parrot Beak Asil
  • Black color (green shades) and white patches on wings / tail
  • Bosque feet and beak
  • Yellow eyes (blue ring)

Lasani Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Lasani Aseel at an average price of 6,000 to 10,000 rupees.

Mushka Aseel

Mushka Asil is more common than Lasani due to its availability. It has almost the same color (black with green shades) but you will not find white patches in its feathers. Their feet are also gray and they have white eyes instead of yellow.

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Popular Characteristics

  • Gray feet (some black spots and some white) 
  • White eyes
  • No white patches
  • Black color with green shade

Mushka Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Mushka Aseel at an average price of 4,500 to 9,000 rupees.

Sindhi Aseel

Sindhi Aseel is among the most popular types of Aseel breeds in Pakistan. As the name suggests, it is mostly found in Sindh province of Pakistan. They are also used for cockfights. Sindhi Aseel is known for its tall height, heavy weight, compact yet muscular body, short yet hard feathers, long and dropping tails. Their beak resembles an eagle’s beak due to its curvy shape.

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Popular Characteristics

  • Heavier than many other Aseels
  • Taller than other Aseels
  • More muscular body
  • Long dropping tail
  • Hard feathers
  • Multiple color variations (popular one have half orange/brown neck, black body color with green shade, and orange/brown color on back and wings). 

Sindhi Aseel Price in Pakistan

You can buy Sindhi Aseel at an average price of 3,500 to 6,500 rupees.

Pure Aseel Breed

Pure Aseel breed is not a typical breed type but natives have named it such. Pure means without any genetic modification. So, natives have assumed some characteristics of the “pure” Aseel breed (that may or may not be true). Let’s see them.

Popular Characteristics

  • White eyes
  • Small ears
  • Smaller beak
  • Large wings
  • Large thighs
  • Dropping tail
  • Wider breast

Pure Aseel Breed Price in Pakistan

Well! There are different types of pure aseel breeds. You can buy Pure Aseel Breed at an average price of 10,000 to 40,000 rupees depending upon the breed and other factors.

*It is important to note that these are just the average prices. They can vary depending upon breed variation, size, age, physical appearance and condition, and many other factors.


These were some of the most popular types of Aseel breeds in Pakistan. We have also mentioned their characteristics to help you identify them easily. You can browse OLX Pakistan’s Hens & Aseel category to get the hen or rooster of your choice.

Which Aseel Breed do you like the most and why? Tell us in the comment section below.

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