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Tips For Healthy Eating In Ramadan


Balancing your diet through the month of Ramadan can be difficult with a variety of tempting dishes on the table. Eating carefully during this time can help in making the experience of fasting wholesome. Good nutrition can also positively impact your mental health. A few tips have been listed below to help you eat healthy and improve your lifestyle.

Latest: Sehri and Iftar Time: Ramadan Calendar 2023


1. Stay Hydrated 

Fasting for long hours in hot weather can cause dehydration, which has adverse effects on health. However, people tend to drink processed juices and fizzy drinks with tonnes of calories, such fluids should be avoided in order to stay healthy. Drinking plenty of water after Iftar and before your meal can help in reducing headaches, dizziness and prepare you for your next fast.


2. Opt For Healthy Alternatives

Traditional dishes generally contain higher quantities of oil, spices and are usually meat based. Eating fatty foods and resting afterwards can cause the fat to deposit. This increases the risk of heart diseases and higher cholesterol. Therefore, switching to plant based alternatives and grilled food rather than meat based and fried food can make you feel better. Eating fresh fruits rather than canned ones, opting for grains as a source of proteins and low fat dairy products is way healthier.


3. Eat In Small Portions

Consuming bigger food portions can cause stomach cramps and indigestion. How much you choose to eat at one time can make a difference to your lifestyle. Also balanced portions of savoury and sweet foods can help you maintain your energy throughout the month. Using smaller bowls or plates can give you the feeling that you have eaten less. Drinking water before you start eating can make you feel less hungry. 


4. Avoid Binge Eating

After breaking your fast, eating in moderation and when you are hungry is the best practice. Indulgent eating can cause serious health issues. Munching after breaking your fast, eating when you are emotional and binging on snacks is not good for health. Eating limited servings, enough to serve your cravings can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Controlling the urge to keep on eating and drinking until suhoor can cause discomfort later in the day. 

A good lifestyle is a combination of healthy dietary habits, necessary exercise and enough sleep. These basic tips can help reform your consumption patterns during Ramadan.

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