Popular Cattle Markets: Bakra Mandi Islamabad and Karachi Locations

Popular Cattle Markets: Bakra Mandi Islamabad and Karachi Locations

People mostly visit multiple bakra mandi (cattle markets) to buy qurbani ke janwar (animals for sacrifice). However, a majority of people don’t know all the popular bakra or cow mandi in major cities. As we told you about the popular cattle markets in Lahore (bakra mandi in Lahore), now is the time to tell you about the popular bakra Mandi locations in Karachi and Islamabad. 

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Let us start with the popular Karachi Maweshi Mandi locations. 

Bakra or Cow Mandi Karachi (Cattle Markets in Karachi)

Here is a list of the most popular bakra mandi (cattle markets) in Karachi. 

Malir Mandi 

Who doesn’t know about the Malir bakra Mandi Karachi? It is a famous point for many to buy qurbani ke janwar (animals for sacrifice) in the city. It is situated near Bakra Peri Rd, Karachi. Find its pin location below.

Other Cattle Markets / Cow or Bakar Mandi in Karachi

  • Malir 15, Asoo Goth
  • Taiser Town, Northern Bypass
  • Cattle Mandi Landhi
  • Rice Godown, Landhi near Baber Market
  • Hamdard University near Manghopir
  • Moach Goth, Baldia Town
  • Cattle Mandi permitted by station commander in the limits of Clifton Cantonment Board
  • Cattle Mandi permitted by the president Karachi Cantonment Board in the limits of Karachi Cantonment Board.

Bakra Mandi Islamabad (Cattle Markets in Islamabad)

Bakra Mandi in Islamabad is much more than you think. Here is a list of popular Islamabad Cow Mandi (cattle markets). 

Taramri Maweshi Mandi Islamabad (Near Sultana Foundation Now)

Taramri cow mandi Islamabad is a quite popular cattle market that is shifted near Sultana Foundation now. Here is its pin location below.

Sangjani/Tarnol (Margalla Avenue)

Many people visit Sangjani cattle market in Islamabad to buy cattle for Eid-ul-Adha. It is situated near Alfalah Hospital, Main Peshawar Road, Islamabad. Checkout its pin location. 

Other Cattle Markets / Cow or Bakar Mandi in Islamabad

  • Sector I-15
  • Zia Masjid
  • Jhuggi Stop Bhara Kahu

OLX (the Best Bakra Mandi Online)

If you don’t want the hassle of visiting the bakra or cow mandi and spend all day there (especially in this rainy season) OLX is there for you. You can buy Qurbani ke janwar (animals for sacrifice) on the livestock section of OLX

These were some of the most popular bakra mandi (cattle markets) of Karachi and Islamabad. You can also visit OLX Pakistan to buy sacrificial animals as it is the best bakra mandi online. 

Do you know any other popular bakra mandi locations in the above mentioned cities? Tell us in the comment section below.

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