Why is It the Right Time to Buy Animals for Sacrifice (Qurbani Ke Janwar)?

Why is It the Right Time to Buy Animals for Sacrifice (Qurbani Ke Janwar)?

The sacrificial animal business (Qurbani ke janwar ka karobar) is one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. But many people don’t know which is the right time to buy animals for sacrifice to increase their profit. It is not just 2 months before Eid-ul-Adha. Smart businessmen buy animals even 6 to 7 months before Eid. Some even buy them right after Eid-al-Azha (11-12 months before the next Eid).

Here, we will show you some reasons why now is the right time to buy animals for sacrifice so you can maximize your profits by selling animals on Eid. 

Buy Them Cheap

One of the most important reasons why it is the right time to start a business of sacrificial animals is the cheaper price. There is an ample supply of goats, sheep, cows, and other animals. You can buy livestock animals for sacrifice at an early age and raise them for 6-7 months. The early-aged animals are sold much cheaper as the cost of raising (and profit on it) is not included. 

Many people (especially in villages) want to sell these younger or early-aged animals because they can’t afford to raise them. But it will take some time and effort to find these types of animals. But don’t worry, the overall price of small animals is way lower compared to the raised ones. So, the chances are you will get them at a much lower price at this time.

Cheaper Cost of Raising

As the winter season has already begun in Pakistan, the prices of green leafy vegetables have declined significantly. Spinach and mustard are the best examples. As the vegetable prices will remain low for the next few months (until the winter ends), you can save on raising the animals. You can save a significant amount compared to what you will have to pay for the same animal when you buy it near Eid. Feeding them well will help you raise them properly. It may result in improving their overall weight and size which will ultimately be profitable for you.


Save on Transportation Costs

It is a side advantage of buying the sacrificial animals (Qurbani ke janwar) now. As you are going to buy them at an early age, their size will be way smaller compared to an adult’s. Due to this, you can get more of them transported in smaller vehicles. Ultimately, your transportation cost per animal will be reduced.

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Another perspective is that the transportation prices near Eid-ul-Adha get increased (as per historical data). In that way, you will be paying less than what you will have to pay near Eid for the same vehicle.

Price Increase is Not a Worry

If you are looking to buy animals a few months before Eid, there is always a danger of price increases (especially in this economic situation). Also, some people who buy animals near Eid at a higher price are not able to sell them even at the prices they have bought them. Due to this, some generally have to bear the loss.

The threat of an increase in animals’ prices near Eid will become an opportunity if you buy them now. It is because a price increase near Eid in this case will increase your profit. 


The business of selling sacrificial animals can be highly profitable if you know when to buy and how to raise animals (at minimum cost). We have shown why it is the right time to buy animals for sacrifice (Qurbani ke janwar) if you want to do an animal buy and sell business. Even if you don’t want to do animal trading, you can get a sacrificial animal at a cheaper price now, raise it yourself for the Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice.

Which sacrificial animal would you buy for your business or home? Is it goat, sheep, cow, or camel? Tell us in the comment section below.

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