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Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan

Best Battery for UPS in Pakistan

Pakistan is an energy-starved country where you cannot always rely on public infrastructure for uninterrupted power supply. You therefore need an alternative power supply system installed in your home and office. For this, you would obviously need a battery. With so many batteries to choose from with each claiming to be superior, which is the “best battery for UPS in Pakistan” must be the question striking your mind, right?  

In this blog we’ll answer this question and more. Let’s see which battery should you get for your UPS in 2023.

Types of Batteries for UPS

There are mainly 2 types of UPS batteries in Pakistan

  1. Lead Acid Batteries for UPS
  2. Lithium Ion Batteries or Dry Batteries for UPS

Lead acid batteries are the most popular. There is a type of lead acid battery which is known as tubular or deep cycle battery (more durable). The second type, Lithium Ion or dry battery is costly but lasts long and requires little to no maintenance.

Lithium ion or dry batteries are the best if you can afford them. If not, you should go for the lead acid battery.  

Let’s see the best batteries for UPS in Pakistan. 

Best Batteries for UPS in Pakistan 2023

Daewoo Battery

Daewoo batteries are among the best batteries due to their durability and good backup. There are also 2 types of batteries in Daewoo. Simple Lead Acid and Deep Cycle (Lead Acid). Choose the latter (with black head) as they are the best in durability and battery backup time. The following are their characteristics.

Photo Credits: daewoobattery.com
  • Best-in-Class Vent Caps
  • Weld System
  • Robust Separators
  • Grid Manufacturing
  • Paste Formulation
  • Round Corners
  • Improves corrosion resistance by reinforcing the thickness of the grid
  • Sustains power for longer periods
  • Makes grid dimension uniform and maximizes electrical flow
  • 4BS (4PbO) is produced due to the reaction of lead oxide with sulphuric acid; chemical formula ‎PbSO4
  • Ensures internal short circuit protection by applying unique-frame
  • 4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate) is applied to the (+) plate to improve the life cycle and maximize the capacity

Daewoo’s deep cycle batteries are available with capacities between 85-220 AH for UPS.

Daewoo Battery Price in Pakistan

Daewoo Battery price in Pakistan starts from Rs.17,500 and can go all the way up to Rs.41,500 as per their size/capacity.

AGS Battery

AGS is a renowned battery brand in the country. In the opinion of many people, AGS batteries are the best in Pakistan. It is due to their durability, availability of a wide range, and impressive backup. It is a brand of Atlas (commonly known as Honda Atlas). Their batteries are internationally certified for ensuring quality standards. 

Photo Credits: abl.atlas.pk


1. ISO 9001

2. ISO 18001

3. ISO 18001

You can get a wide variety of AGS batteries. Their battery capacity starts from 45AH and can go all the way up to 220 AH for UPS. 

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 

AGS battery price in Pakistan ranges between Rs.11,200 – Rs.46,600.

Osaka Battery

Osaka is a well known brand known for its budget-friendly batteries. This brand provides a wide range of lead acid batteries including tubular, dry charged, maintenance free (no water loss/evaporation protection), and valve regulated lead acid batteries. You can get 40 to 260 AH Osaka batteries for UPS. 

Photo Credits: osaka.com.pk

Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan 

Osaka battery price in Pakistan ranges between Rs.7,400 – Rs.56,200.

Exide Battery

Exide batteries are widely bought not only for UPS but also for vehicles. For many, Exide batteries were the best before the introduction of AGS and then Daewoo. Even now, some trust the brand’s name. Its batteries range from 40-200 AH for UPS. Exide offers simple lead acid and tubular batteries as well.

Photo Credits: exide.com.pk

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 

Exide battery price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.7,000 to Rs.57,500.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix has emerged as one of the best battery brands for UPS in Pakistan. This brand offers a wide range of batteries with multiple uses. Even for UPS, you get a wide variety of batteries from Phoenix. Most of them are simple lead acid batteries but the brand also offers a series of tubular batteries. Its batteries range from to 40-280 AH for UPS.

Photo Credits: phoenixbattery.com.pk

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan 

Phoenix battery price in Pakistan ranges between Rs.7,800 – Rs.61,500.


If you were searching for the best battery for UPS in Pakistan, your search is over now. We have mentioned the most popular battery brands in the country and their price. The top 2 brands in this list are famous for durability and better backup. 

Let us know which battery you use for UPS at home and office and why. 

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