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Solar Air Cooler: Your Cost Effective Solution to The Fiery Heat

Solar Air Cooler: Your Cost Effective Solution to The Fiery Heat

Air coolers have become highly significant in the increasingly dry and hot summer weather as they shelter you from the heat. Though air coolers cost cheaper than air conditioners, electricity bills can still soar up if they run constantly. What if we tell you that you can enjoy the same cooling sensation of air coolers but at a much cheaper price? A solar air cooler does the deed for you! Let us take a look at their details along with the solar air coolers price in Pakistan.

What is a Solar Air Cooler?

A solar air cooler works on the same evaporative air cooling principle just like any other air cooler. However, the difference lies in its energy source. It is powered by the energy from the solar panels instead of direct electricity. 


While the sun shines, the solar panels generate electricity and run your air cooler. You may attach batteries with the solar panel system so when the sun disappears, the stored energy can be used to power the air cooler at night. Due to this, a solar air cooler cuts down the cost on your monthly electricity bill by large. 

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Solar Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

A solar air cooler is a cost-effective solution to the summer sun. The initial cost of a solar air cooler may seem high. However, the amount of money it saves on bills is a quick return of the initial investment. The solar air cooler price in Pakistan can range from Rs.13,000 to Rs.32,000, depending upon the brand and condition of the cooler.

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To conclude, a solar air cooler may cost high initially but it is highly effective in reducing your electricity bill. As long as the summer is dry and arid, a solar air cooler can act as a great substitute for a conventional air cooler while providing you with added benefits. Make your life easier by investing in a solar air cooler now!

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