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Portable VS. Fixed: Which Type of Air Cooler is the Best?

Portable VS. Fixed: Which Type of Air Cooler is the Best?

Air coolers can provide great relief from the summer heat without draining your wallet. From May to July, it is the best period to use an air cooler while the wind still carries low humidity. So buying it as soon as this period arrives is going to be a smart decision. However, buying an air cooler may be confusing when you are not sure what kind suits your needs best. Yes! We are talking about the Portable vs fixed air coolers!

Therefore, here is a detailed comparison of the types of air coolers along with their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, you can also find the average air cooler price in Pakistan stated below.

How Do Air Coolers Work?

Generally, air coolers consist of a fan, a water tank, a pump, and a cooling pad (Khass in common). An air cooler works on the principle of evaporation to give a cooling effect. The water acts as a cooling agent whereas the warm air evaporates the water when passed through the cooling pad. Hence, throwing cool air through the fan at the front side.


What’s more, is that air coolers only work efficiently under hot and dry weather conditions. Humidity and air cooler are not the best friends and it may highly affect the cooler’s performance.

Types of Air Coolers 

Once you enter the local market or browsing through OLX, you will find multiple options in air coolers to choose from. It may be confusing for many. Thus, here is a clear picture of the differences between different types of air coolers.

On the most basic level, air coolers entertain two types. These include:

  • Portable air cooler
  • Fixed air cooler

While these are the basic types of coolers, there are other advanced types of portable air coolers which are listed below:

  • Personal air coolers
  • Tower air coolers
  • Window air coolers
  • Desert air coolers

As these air coolers are not highly common in Pakistan, so we will not be covering these in detail.

Portable Air Cooler 

The biggest advantage of a portable air cooler hides in its name. As it is portable, you can easily maneuver it around indoors whenever there arises a need. A portable air cooler is mostly manufactured with a plastic exterior and comes in multiple shapes and sizes. You can choose from small to big depending on the size of your room.


Moreover, it can also cater to the aesthetics of your room as opposed to a fixed cooler. The portable air coolers are mostly kept indoors and can affect only a limited area. Furthermore, they have a long-lasting air cooler pad which shows its reliability.

Pros And Cons of Portable Air Coolers

Some of the pros and cons of portable air coolers are listed below:


  • Movable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Require less space
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple size variants
  • Durable cooling pad
  • May provide extra cooling through re-freezable ice packs


  • Expensive
  • Lower cooling than fixed air coolers

Portable Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 

On average, the portable air cooler price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.22K to Rs.34K on average.

Fixed Air Cooler 

And of course, we are all aware of our favorite desi Lahori Cooler. One of our oldest companions to fight off the summer heat in Pakistan, the fixed air coolers are usually placed outdoors. Furthermore, they can have a stronger cooling effect even in a larger space. 


However, a major drawback of these coolers is that the khas have to be changed nearly every year to ensure efficiency. The good news is that the khas can now be replaced with a mesh of air cooler pads just like they are used in a portable air cooler which is durable compared to the traditional khas. Lastly, its metal body vouches for its long life but if its quality isn’t good, it may get rusty.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Air Coolers 

Some of the pros and cons of fixed air coolers are given below:


  • Less expensive
  • Multiple size variants
  • Long-lasting
  • Better air flow


  • More likely to be noisy
  • Fixed in one place
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Requires more space
  • May get smelly after a rain or dust storm
  • Frequent maintenance (khas needs replacement nearly every year)

Fixed Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

The fixed air cooler price in Pakistan is between Rs.8K to Rs.18K on average.

Portable Air Cooler VS. Fixed Air Cooler 

Both fixed and portable air coolers have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, the major key features that you should consider before buying the cooler are the room size, tank capacity, air throw, and design. These factors would help you in making the right decision of either buying a portable air cooler or a fixed air cooler.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, fixed vs. portable air coolers do not have a prominent winner. Both coolers can only perform at their best under the given favorable circumstances and factors. Hence, you should buy the air coolers that you think are best according to your budget and requirements. 

Which cooler are you thinking of buying? Tell us in the comments below!

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