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5 Best Air Coolers in Pakistan With Prices 2024

5 Best Air Coolers in Pakistan With Prices 2024

Air or room coolers are essentially a stopgap arrangement for some when the mercury starts to raise its head. An economical option, coolers are usually turned on after the fans have given up but it is still too early to turn on air conditioners. However, for many, they are the only option to stay cool during the entire summer season. Given the current economic situation and rising energy tariffs, it is likely that many would be relying on these “chilling boxes” instead of having the courage to turn on the ACs. 

Whatever your reason for buying an air or room cooler, you should always go for the one which is reliable, energy efficient and long lasting. So, here are the 5 best air coolers in Pakistan with their current prices. 

Boss Air Coolers

Credit: bosshome.com

Boss Home Appliances is a subsidiary of KOH-I-NOOR HI-TECH (Pvt) Ltd., established in 1991. A leading manufacturer of home appliances like washing and dryer machines, the company claims to export its products to the US, Middle East, Africa, and SouthEast Asia.

Boss Home Appliances has been in operation for the past 26 years, manufacturing a variety of home appliances including air or room coolers.

Boss Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

The price of Boss air coolers start from Rs.16,000 and goes up to Rs.46,000. Here are the prices of their popular series.

  • Remote Controlled Air Coolers (Rs.25,500 – Rs.40,000)
  • Ice Box Air Coolers (Rs.25,000 – Rs.30,000)
  • Solar Air Coolers (Rs.16,000 – Rs.29,000)

It is worth reminding our readers that a solar air cooler does not come with a solar panel. It simply means that the air cooler is compatible with such an energy source. Most Boss air coolers can be run on inverter UPS as well. 

Super Asia Air Coolers


Super Asia is perhaps the most known home appliances brand in Pakistan. Established in 1975, the company claims to export its products to countries in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Afghanistan and others. 

Like others, Super Asia offers a variety of air or room coolers, varying in prices.

Super Asia Cooler Price in Pakistan

Super Asia air cooler price ranges between Rs.17,000 to Rs.40,500. If you are looking for an energy efficient cooler then consider buying Inverter air cooler as the company claims that it can save up to 60% energy. 

Geepas Air Coolers


Geepas is a subsidiary of the Western International Group, which is based in U.A.E. Geepas was established in 1983. Claiming to export its home and kitchen appliances, kitchenware, homeware, personal care, entertainment and other products the world over, Geepas air or room coolers in Pakistan have become synonymous with modern looks and high prices.

Geepas Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Geepas offers a variety of air coolers, varying in prices starting from Rs.17,000 and going up to Rs.60,000

GFC Air Coolers


Established in 1954, G.F.C. is known for its fans all over Pakistan. The company claims to export fans to EU countries and Canada. Of late, the company has established itself as a forerunner in home appliances, including room or air coolers.

GFC Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

The prices of GFC air coolers vary based on their type. Typically, they range between Rs.21,500 to Rs.31,000. Here are the popular models:

  • Plus (Rs.21,500 – Rs.28,000)
  • Grand (Rs.31,000)
  • DC (Rs.22,000 – 25,000)
  • Deluxe (Rs.22,000 – Rs.28,000)

All G.F.C. Coolers, irrespective of their other differences, offer a water tank capacity of 55L to 60L and run on 220 V. 

Canon Air Coolers


Canon Pakistan is often confused with Canon Inc, a Japanese multinational company established in 1937. However, it can’t be completely ruled out that Canon Pakistan is not a subsidiary or affiliate of Canon Inc. Canon Pakistan was established in 1972 and is a leading manufacturer of home appliances, including water heaters, geysers and air or room coolers. 

Canon Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Canon, like its local competitors, offers a variety of air coolers varying in prices depending on their specifications, etc. You can get a new Canon room cooler between the price range of Rs.26,000 and Rs.35,000.


These were the most popular air or room cooler brands in Pakistan. However, this blog won’t tell you what types of air coolers are sold in the market; whether you should buy a desert or window air cooler and whether honeycomb coolers are better than wood wool coolers. To find answers to these questions, you should read our comprehensive guide on air coolers called:

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