Best Cricket Bats in Pakistan and How to Choose Them

Best Cricket Bats in Pakistan and How to Choose Them

‘Tis the cricket Season!

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is just around the corner and soon you will see every able-bodied Pakistani playing this sport in every nook and cranny of the country. It is often observed that when a particular sport reaches its feverish pitch, its admirers tend to buy new kit, merchandise, etc., trying to emulate their favorite player, etc. So, if you’re a true cricket lover, this blog is for you.

Are you looking to buy a new cricket bat? Wait. Read this blog first as buying the most expensive and heaviest bat will not transform you into Babar Azam overnight. However, with a right bat according to your needs, style, height and budget, you can be on your way to become the next star of Pakistani cricket.

Listing down the best cricket bats is easy as it is subjective and you will find this information in this blog; however, what is more important is to tell you how to buy that bat. So, let’s begin with that information first.

Here is what you need to look for when buying a cricket bat,

How Heavy Should Your Bat Be?

Before we talk about the size, willow grade, price, style and everything else about a cricket bat, let’s talk about the most important thing first – a bat’s weight.

Cricket lovers know Sachin Tendulkar used a very heavy bat. So, can you become him by using the same bat? 

The answer is obviously NO and the reasons are simple. If you feel your bat is too heavy, you will:

  1. Play your shorts late
  2. Run slower between the wickets

To find out how heavy your bat should be, simply hold the bat by the handle with one hand in front of you. If it feels difficult to hold the bat, it is too heavy for you. Now using the same bat, try playing some air shots as you would in a real game. If it feels right, go for it, otherwise look for another. 

What’s Your Style?

You need to get that particular bat which suits your style and plays to your strengths. For example, if you’re a big hitter, you need to look for a bat which is lightweight with thicker edges and a higher middle. On the other hand, if you prefer to play your strokes along the ground then look for a bat which is heavier with a lower middle. But what if you are in between Rahul Dravid and Shahid Afridi?

You will find plenty of cricket bats on OLX Pakistan and in the market which are neither too light nor too heavy to suit your playing style. 

Cricket Bat Sizes

Which size bat you should get is also very important and will depend on your age and height. The following table should help you select the right bat for your age and height.

0Upto 4ft
14ft – 4ft 3”
24ft 3” – 4ft 6”
34ft 6” – 4ft 9”
44ft 9” – 5ft
55ft – 5ft 3”
65ft 3” – 5ft 5”
H – Harrow5ft 5” – 5ft 7”
SM – Small Mens5ft 7” – 5ft 9”
SH – Short Handle5ft 9” – 6ft
LH – Long Handle6ft and above

If you are planning to play at the national or international level, be mindful of the fact that your bat cannot be longer than 38″ (965mm), wider than 4.25″ (108mm), having edges more than 1.56″ (40mm) and depth more than 2.64″ (67mm).

Cricket Bat Price in Pakistan

Priced from a mere few hundred rupees to over one hundred thousand rupees, there is no set price for cricket bats in Pakistan. The price will vary depending upon the type, size, brand and willow of the bat. Willow means the wood the bat is made of. 

Bat Quality and Willow Grade

The best quality bat is made of English willow. These bats are expensive. On the contrary, cheaper bats are made of Kashmir willow. The latter is typically heavier, drier and harder than English willow. English willow is typically raised to make cricket bats and usually lasts longer than Kashmir willow. 

Pro Tip → If you’re a professional cricket player or want to become one, go for Grade 1+ or Grade 1 English willow bats. 

5 Best Cricket Bats in Pakistan

The following are some of the best bats in Pakistan. However, once again, we would like to remind you that “best cricket bat for you” is a subjective matter. 

  1. CA LEGEND – Handcrafted to perfection, made of selected English willow cleft, this bat is truly one of its kind. The bat has no stickers or decals, rather CAs emblem is laser carved in it. Its toe is protected by Glass Protek technology which protects it from weather elements and chipping. It has 12 Plus straight grains which reflects its premium quality.
  1. CA JR 20 – Also made of English willow, JR 20 is available in different weights, which makes it an ideal premium bat. Used by none other than Jason Roy, this bat is ergonomically designed for performance and handling. Unlike CA LEGEND, the CA JR 20 has 9+ grains willow, which makes it an outstanding bat to endure hardball pressure.
  1. MB Malik Sarfi Legend – Made of the best grade English willow – Grade 1+ – Malik Sarfi Legend is endorsed by none other than Misbah Ul Haq. If you are looking for a bat which is light weight and yet helps you whack the ball, this is it. It has a large sweet spot, which means it helps you time your strokes perfectly. It is also available in a variety of weights, making it ideal for batsmen of different styles, and heights.
  1. Malik MBS Super Best Edition – If you’ve wondered which bat Azhar Ali uses, your search comes to an end now. Also made of Grade 1+ English willow, MBS Super Best Edition, too, has a large sweet spot which helps you make powerful shots. It is available in a variety of weights and has 8 -11 grains. If you’re looking for an affordable, perfectly balanced bat which helps you make powerful shots, then this is it.
  1. Gunn & Moore Diamond 606 – Found in 1885 in England, Gunn & Moore or GM is one of the most-well known cricket bat makers in the world. Their Diamond 606 is made of Grade 3 English willow and that is why it is affordable. It is available in different sizes. The Diamond 606 comes with a traditional, full blade profile which helps you middle the ball even if you get your timing slightly wrong. It comes with a protected toe, making it long lasting.   

There are many other bats, both local and imported, which could have been included in this list. 

To summarize, when selecting a cricket bat for yourself, don’t go for the looks alone but ask yourself – how does it feel in my hands? Is it too heavy? Too light or just right when you lift the bat and swing it. If it feels right, you’ve chosen wisely.

Let us know if you have any other pro tips to share with our readers.

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