Before You Start: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Launching a YouTube Channel

Before You Start: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Launching a YouTube Channel

If you get it right, you can make a fortune on Youtube. Mr. Beast, Jake Paul and Markiplier are the top three Youtubers earning millions of dollars each year from this social media platform. However, there’s another side of the coin as well. According to one estimate, only one third of one percent of Youtubers can fully support themselves based on earnings from Youtube. This figure alone should stop you in your tracks and make you reflect on whether starting a channel on Youtube is worth it. 

This blog is not about how to create a Youtube channel. Though stay tuned as we will be writing on it. There will be some who will be convinced to start a channel of their own after reading this blog. Instead, this blog covers a fundamental question – should you start a Youtube channel or the pros and cons of becoming a Youtuber.

So, let’s begin. 

Advantages of Becoming a Youtuber

Let’s cover the glittering aspect first.

Monetary Benefit – Earning money from your channel is an obvious advantage. There are various ways to do it. Monetizing your channel is one of the ways in which you allow Youtube to run ads on your channel. If you have a brand of your own or a product, you can advertise and sell it on your channel. Affiliate marketing is an indirect way to make money. If you go for this option, you’d put a product’s link in your video and when someone buys it, you’d get a commission. Sponsorship is another way to make money from your channel. Here, the seller would ask you to advertise their products on your channel. 

Global Audience – With the exception of a handful of countries, you can be seen and heard all over the world. Around 122 million people use Youtube on a daily basis. If you have an idea, talent or product to share, you can reach a massive audience worldover, thanks to Youtube. 

Content Development Skills – Content creator doesn’t only make and upload videos. They also edit them and learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get their videos ranked high on Youtube search. Furthermore, they also share their videos on various social media platforms for more views, etc. A content creator, in short, is jack of all trades. 

Freedom – Youtube is free. It doesn’t charge you for creating a channel, for uploading videos, etc. It also allows you a lot of content creativity though some editorial censorship is maintained for the platform’s reputation and sanctity. On the whole, there is no charge for uploading, watching and sharing videos, etc. Youtube, in essence, encourages you to upload your content and see how the world reacts to it. This is great for beginning, amateur and professional content creators alike. 

Reasons You Should Re-Consider Becoming a Youtuber

Starting a channel on Youtube may be easy and free but becoming a successful Youtuber is neither easy nor free. Here are some of the reasons you should know before investing your heart and soul in Youtube. 

Equipment Cost – At the very least, you’d need a phone with a decent camera to record videos. Or you may wanna take it a notch higher and buy a DSLR or a video camera. If you aren’t using a fancy smartphone, you may need to get a tripod for stable videos. Also, a good microphone might be required to capture clean and crisp audio, etc. In short, you would need some equipment to start creating your content for Youtube.  

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Patience Is Virtue – No matter how great your content, do not quit your job the day you launch your Youtube channel. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time to make money from Youtube channels. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The key to success is in uploading great content on a regular basis and not losing hope. 

It’s Hard Work – While everyone knows the virtues of hard work, not everyone works hard. A great video is based on an idea on which a script is written, which is then filmed, edited and SEO optimized to rank high on Youtube search results for more viewing. All of this takes time and effort. You need to ask yourself – am I willing to put in this much time and effort in a project which is likely to not take off for months? 

Ideas Blockage – Writers are aware of what is called “writer’s block”. If you are uploading content on a regular basis, you may run out of fresh ideas. In the quest to keep uploading new content, you may compromise on quality, which will affect your channel’s growth. 

It’s Very Competitive – There are well over 50 million Youtube channels. Around 500 hours of video content and 2,500 new videos get uploaded on Youtube in a minute. So, ask yourself, where would you stand in all of it as a newbie?  

The “cons” of starting a Youtube channel aren’t exactly cons in the classical sense. They are more like reminders that you should be aware of before jumping in this field. On the whole, starting a Youtube channel of your own is something you should do, especially if you feel strongly about it. It doesn’t cost much especially if you have a good smartphone. 

Are you a Youtuber? Why did you start a channel? How long did it take you to monetize your channel? Do you have tips for our readers? Kindly share them in the comments section. 

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