Prince Pearl Price Increase in Pakistan

Prince Pearl Price Increase in Pakistan

It’s incomprehensible how auto manufacturers are increasing the prices of their cars on a monthly basis. This wave of price increases has affected every vehicle, including cars and bikes. 

Now Regal Automobiles have also increased their car prices. 

The new price of Prince Pearl in Pakistan is as follows:

Price Pearl Price Increase

ModelOld Price(Rs)New Price(Rs)Price Difference(Rs)
Prince Pearl1,534,0001,586,00052,000

After the recent price increase, the price of Prince pearl jumped by Rs.52,000 from the previous rate of Rs.1,534,000 to Rs.1,586,000 in Pakistan.

All the Familiar “Reasons”

It has begun to sound like a broken record now. Rising raw material prices, Rupee losing against the Dollar, high freight charges, etc. 

From a consumer’s perspective, inflation, depreciation of the local currency, and raw material prices have been rising for the past 70 years. So why haven’t these prices increased this much and this frequently in the past?  

If prices keep increasing like these, buying a basic car in Pakistan won’t be possible for the general public. 

Will prices ever come down once the economy stabilizes? Let us know in the comments. 

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