Prepare Your Car To Tackle The Summer Heat

When it comes to summer heat in Pakistan, it is relentless and can take a toll on not only you but also on your car. There are several damaging effects of summer heat on your car especially if it is parked outside in direct sunlight. Taking care of essential bits and pieces beforehand can save you from a lot of trouble and can even be lifesaving in some cases. Make sure you check each of the following components of your car regularly.  

Air Conditioning

When it comes to summer heat, everyone likes a cool and comfortable ride. For that to happen, your air conditioning unit needs to be in optimal condition. It is always advisable to take your car to an experienced mechanic for a thorough checkup. You can also change the air filters in your car to improve the air quality. Your mechanic may also top up the refrigerant or check for any leaks in the system.


Many old cars face engine breakdowns in the summer heat due to poor management of engine fluids and neglecting check engine lights. To check the engine components regularly, you do not necessarily have to take it to a mechanic. You can pop up the hood and look for any loose belts and hoses. You can also look under the car for any oil or fluid leaks on the floor.

Engine oil needs to be changed more frequently in summers as it burns quickly due to more stress on the engine. The prudent way to go about all this is to get your engine oil changed at the beginning of summers. Another aspect of your engine that needs attention is the radiator coolant. The coolant is a crucial component and you can check radiator temperature from the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. If the temperature gauge is showing the radiator is getting very hot, it can mean coolant leak or low level of coolant in the radiator.


Just like other components of your car, battery is also under a lot of stress in the summer heat. Battery fluids get evaporated quickly in summers and need distilled-water top-ups more frequently. You can also go for a maintenance-free battery which will free you from checking battery fluids regularly.


In summers, tire pressure is something that must not be overlooked. People usually pay attention to engine components and neglect the condition of their tires. Usually the tire pressure fluctuates in the summers which leads to uneven wearing and tearing of the tires. Under such conditions, the fuel efficiency of your car is compromised and the life of tires is also reduced. In the worst of cases, the tires can also burst, plunging you in a road accident. Considering the dire consequences, it is absolutely crucial that you check the tire pressure and the condition of your tires regularly.

Exterior and Interior

If you park your car in direct sunlight for long periods of time daily, the paint of your car can get damaged overtime, reducing its value. The best course of action here is to park your car under a shade. You can also apply wax to preserve the paint or go for a Teflon coating if your car is new. Teflon coating can be expensive, however, the investment is worth it considering the car is new. The interior components also get overheated especially the dashboard and steering wheel. You can invest in dashboard and steering covers to prevent them from overheating.

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