Suzuki Alto Sales Increased by 76% | Toyota Corolla and Yaris Sales Decreased by 66% (PAMA Pakistan)

Suzuki Alto Sales Increased by 76% | Toyota Corolla and Yaris Sales Decreased by 66% (PAMA Pakistan)

The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) car sales report for October 22 has been released. There is some silver lining for the automobile industry.

The overall car sales are down by around 36% this month (Oct-22: 13,369 units) compared to the same month last year’s sales (Oct-21: 21,024 units). However, the car sales are up by 21% (Oct-22: 13,369 units) compared to last month’s sales (Sep-22: 11,046 units).

The industry is going through one of the worst times. It is due to the current economic disaster in Pakistan in which inflation has broken records. The companies are also facing issues in importing parts due to restrictions and unannounced delays. Due to this, some big companies were even forced to impose production cuts for some days. All these elements are affecting sales negatively.

The numbers are not positive for the automobile manufacturers on an annual basis but the automobile industry has revived on a month-over-month basis with an overall 21% increase in the sales of cars.

Let’s see which cars have performed better in this storm and which got carried away.

Latest Car Sales Numbers (PAMA Pakistan)

Let’s take a look at the overall car sales statistics.

We will compare the following statistics:

  • YOY (year-on-year) sales: 

Sales of a car model in Oct 2022 as compared to its sales in the same month last year (Oct 2021).

  • MOM (month-on-month) sales: 

Sales of a car model for Oct 2022 compared to its sales for the previous month (Sep 2022).

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Total Car Sales Stats

Total YOY sales statistics:

Oct 2021Oct 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Total MOM sales statistics:

Sep 2022Oct 2022DifferenceDifference (%)

Cars’ Sales in Pakistan (October 2022)

MOM Cars’ Sales Data

The following are car sales statistics of the major automobile manufacturers. These numbers are taken from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA). 


This table shows that the MOM sales of the Big 3 (Suzuki, Honda and Toyota) have increased whereas Hyundai’s sales are negative. Suzuki cars’ sales increased by almost 34% followed by Toyota (+29%) and Honda (+11%). We will discuss the car sales stats of specific models later in this blog.

Car Sales (Oct-21 vs Oct-22)

These are the year-on-year car sales statistics of the major automobile manufacturers.


As we can see, the year-on-year sales of all the automobile manufacturers (reported in PAMA) have decreased. It indicates that despite the increase in month-on-month sales, the companies are still struggling to even come closer to the sales number of last year.

There are only 2 notable positive differences in the car sales. One is the sales of HR-V & BR-V (+671%) and the other one is Suzuki Swift’s sales (+5770%). 

Honda HR-V was launched last month and the company has accumulated its sales with BR-V. It can be a reason why we are seeing a massive increase in their combined sales as compared to the previous year.

New Suzuki Swift is launched this year which is the major reason behind its massive increase in sales as compared to the previous year. 

Shockingly, the sales of the Toyota Corolla and Yaris have decreased by almost 66% as compared to last year. The sales of the Honda Civic and City are also down by 48% but not as much as Toyota’s sedans.

Now, let’s see where the sedans and hatchbacks stand against each other.

Sedans Sales in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla and Yaris are still the most-selling sedans even after a significant decline in their sales as compared to the previous month. Next in the line are the Honda City and Civic followed by the Hyundai Sonata and Elantra.


Hatchbacks Sales in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto is still cruising the hatchback category with a massive difference from even 2nd one in the list. No other hatchback is even close to its sales. Next in the line is Suzuki Swift followed by Wagon-R and Cultus.

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Winners of Oct 2022 

Let’s see the winners of October 2022.

Winners in Terms of the Number of Units Sold

Here, we will show you the winners in terms of total units sold.


Suzuki Alto, the most popular hatchback in Pakistan (At the moment), has retained its top position. The sales of Corolla and Yaris have increased a little and they are still in 2nd position. Surprisingly, the 3rd on the list is Toyota Fortuner and Hilux this time.

Winners in Terms of % Difference in Units Sold

Now, let’s see which cars have gained more sales in % as compared to the previous month.

Surprisingly, Toyota Fortuner and Hilux sales have increased massively (+83%). The reason can be the deliveries of pending orders which were delayed for some time. Suzuki Alto comes in 2nd position with a 76% increase as compared to the previous month. 3rd on the list is again a Suzuki hatchback (Cultus) with an increase of 50% in its sales. 

The Losers of Oct 2022

Let’s see the cars that have the least number of units sold or sales as compared to the previous month. 

Losers in Terms of the Number of Units Sold

Here are the cars that have the least number of units sold in Oct 2022.

As per the table, Honda BR-V and HR-V are the least performers again for the 2nd consecutive month. 2nd on the table is Hyundai Sonata followed by another Hyundai Sedan (Elantra). 

Losers in Terms of % Difference in Units Sold

Let’s see the cars that have lost their sales massively as compared to the previous month. 

Hyundai Elantra is the worst car in terms of percentage difference in the number of units sold as its sales dropped by almost 58% on a MOM basis. Suzuki Bolan is the 2nd worst performer of the month (people are preferring Changan Karvaan more). The 3rd position again belongs to a Hyundai Sedan (Sonata) with -49% sales as compared to September 2022.

Final Verdict

The sales of most automobile manufacturers are negative again in comparison with their previous year’s sales. Don’t get carried away with the Month-on-month sales figure as Year-on-Year sales are still negative for most of the cars.

Many people have started to buy used cars due to frequent price hikes by companies this year. As inflation is high and the buying power of common people is not allowing them to buy a new car, the automobile industry can face this type of decline in car sales in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on the decrease in Year-on-Year car sales and the increase in Month-on-Month car sales? Is the automobile industry reviving or is it just the manipulation of numbers? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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