Rinco Aria: Pakistan’s most Affordable EV

Rinco Aria: Pakistan's most Affordable EV

LIke “change is the only constant in life”, soaring prices are the only constant in Pakistan’s automotive sector. It seems, prices increase here every month. With petroleum prices changing (increasing mostly) every two weeks, affording an automobile is becoming difficult for many. This is one reason why hybrids and imported cars do so well here, due to their better fuel consumption. 

Looking at the success of hybrids and imported cars in Pakistan, it can be said with some certainty that EVs would do great here too, especially cheaper EVs. 

Existing EVs in Pakistan haven’t posted impressive sales figures largely due to their high price. However, this can all change with the introduction of Rinco Aria. 

Rinco Aria – An Introduction 

Nayyer Private Limited has launched the most affordable EV in Pakistan for Rs. 2.4 Million setting a new benchmark for affordable EVs in Pakistan. Can Rinco Aria EV be the game-changer for the EV industry in Pakistan? Let’s find out in the detailed review below. 


Unlike odd-looking budget-friendly cars, the Rinco Aria EV is actually very stylish in a small size. The front bumper has plastic moldings incorporated into the front bumper adding to the sporty look of the car. The overall dimensions and look of the car feel like a 9th generation Suzuki Alto. 

There is no radiator grille on the front as there is no engine. Instead, the area is carved with a beautiful design on hard plastic. The attention to detail looks promising for a car of this size.

The side of the car is also very simple. You will find integrated LED turn signals in the side mirror. Body-color side mirrors and 13-inch alloy wheels add to the exterior configuration of the car. The rear end of the car is fully loaded with features like a reverse camera, parking sensors, and an integrated combination rear lamp design. 

Dimensions of Rinco Aria

Dimensions(mm)3380 x 1520 x 1590
Wheelbase (mm)2440
Track Width(mm)1310
Tyre size155/65/R13 (Alloy Wheel)
Number of Seats4
Curb weight (kg)760

Looking at the dimensions, the Rinco Aria is slightly bigger than the Suzuki Alto which has the dimensions of 3395 x 1475 x 1490. However, It’s undeniably more elegant and futuristic than the current generation Alto in Pakistan.


Since there is no engine, the car offers more space in the cabin. The interior is available in two different dual-tone designs. Rinco Aria houses a dual 7-inch infotainment and meter cluster display. Both displays are integrated into the same panel. Rinco Aria EV supports Apple CarPlay features. The air vents are of non-conventional elliptical shape.

Below the infotainment screen is the gear control. The gear selector is a physical button that can be engaged with just a click. Only three gear selectors are offered – D, N, and R. The interior is extremely spacious and well designed as shown in the pics below.  

The rear seats match any Japanese Kei car in looks and leg space. Two non-adjustable headrests in the rear seats are also offered. 

Battery and range

Being an EV, this car is operated by a 17kWh battery producing a maximum output of 14.6kW and 75Nm of torque. The electric motor powers a rear-wheel-drive system that moves the car. This EV can be driven in sports and economy modes. 

According to the company, this EV can do 200 km in Eco mode and 130 km in Sports mode. The speeds are also limited to 60 km/h in Eco mode while it can do 100 km/h in Sports mode. As can be seen from its design, size, and specs, this car is purely designed for urban or city driving. 

To facilitate charging at home, a built-in charger is also provided which can charge from zero to full in around 6 hours while consuming apx. 10 units of electricity. Now it makes sense to call it a budget-friendly EV due to its cheap operational cost.

Safety Features

Following table shows the safety features of Rinco Aria, 

AirbagsNo Airbags
ABS brakes✔ 
Keyless Entry
Brakes4-wheel Disc
Reverse Camera
Rear Parking Sensor

The car checks all the basic safety and security boxes except for airbags. This car doesn’t have any airbags in it which is alarming. Especially when this car has less crumple zone because the engine and essential components are not there to absorb the impact. Also according to AIDEP 2021-2026, no locally manufactured nor foreign imported car be sold in Pakistan post June 30, 2022, if it lacks airbags. 

Price of Rinco Aria EV in Pakistan and its colors

Rinco Aria EV is launching at a price of Rs.2.4 Million in Pakistan. The price tag already makes it an interesting option considering the prices of local cars in Pakistan. According to the company, the car comes with a 3-year warranty for battery, motors, and electronics. The above-mentioned price is inclusive of all taxes. 

Rinco Aria is available in 7 colors. Namely, 

  • Fruit Green
  • Future Gray
  • Lava Red
  • Pearl White
  • White Peach
  • Happy Blue
  • Cocoa Powder

What about the company?

This EV is manufactured in China based on US design and technology. The car is currently imported by Nayyer Motor Company which is the first authorized sole distributor of  RINCO LLC USA and ISP Pakistan. According to the company, ARIA EV is an American designed and engineered product manufactured and assembled in China under License from RINCO LLC  IRVINE California USA. 

We have already seen an increasing number of new Chinese entrants in the local market. Will this Chinese EV make its mark? Let us know. 

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  1. Sounds pretty good but once the batteries are used up what will be the cost of replacement? It’s an important question about every EV

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