Pakistan Petrol Pump Strike: Some Stations to Remain Open?

Pakistan Petrol Pump Strike: Some Stations to Remain Open?

New day, new drama! We hope you have filled up your vehicle’s fuel tank already. It is because a nationwide petrol pump strike has just started. Many think that this has resulted in the closure of more than 14,000 petrol pumps around Pakistan. But is it true that all the petrol pumps are closed? Will you be able to get fuel during this strike? What are the reason behind this petrol pump strike? Well, let’s see the answers to all these questions.

Reasons for Petroleum Dealers Association Strike

The strike is in response to the imposition of the 0.5% advance turnover tax by the government. The Chairman of the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA), Abdul Sami Khan has announced the worrisome effects of this tax on the petroleum business. 

Due to the ongoing inflation and economic conditions, the petroleum industry is already suffering and operating on minimal profit gains. The tax imposed will further disrupt their businesses and push them to losses.

Therefore, he has put forth the demand to the government to reverse this decision within four days. Otherwise, the petroleum industry will unfortunately have to shut down its services across the country. Pakistan petrol pumps strike may go longer than expected if the demands of PPDA are not met!

As per reports, oil marketing companies (OMCs) have requested a 60% increase in profit margins on petrol and diesel, from Rs7.87 to Rs12.65 per litre respectively, citing various costs and taxes. Currently, there are around 14,000 retail stations in Pakistan, with about 4,000 owned or operated by major OMCs.

Not Everyone Wants Strike

A group of petroleum dealers have decided not to join the July 05 strike, preferring detailed negotiations with authorities to avoid disrupting the economy. Hasan Shah, the spokesperson of Petroleum Dealers, emphasized that while past protests have included significant actions, negotiations should be prioritized, with strikes as a last resort. A delegation led by Numan Ali Butt met with the Minister of State for Finance to address concerns about being charged both fixed and regular taxes, threatening to shut down petrol pumps if this issue is not resolved.

Which Petrol Pumps Will Remain Open?

Reports indicate that several filling stations will remain open despite the strike call. Specifically, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) stations, police welfare petrol pumps, and those managed by Pakistan Rangers will continue operations. Additionally, several private companies have assured the government that their stations will also stay open. Check out the following points as reported by media for more details:

Optimistic Leaders: A group of PPDA leaders decided not to support the strike, preferring another round of talks with authorities.

PPDA Secretary General Statement: Noman Ali Butt stated there was no official countrywide strike and that petroleum product supply would continue as usual.

Negotiations Preferred: PPDA Spokesperson Hasan Shah emphasized that negotiations are the best option and strikes should be the last resort.

Non-Participation in Lahore: Many petrol stations in Lahore are not observing the strike, with the Petroleum Dealers Association Punjab opting to keep pumps open despite failed negotiations.

Continued Operations in Lodhran: Petrol pump owners in Lodhran to continue selling fuel, dissociating from the strike.

Karachi Partial Strike: While many pumps in Karachi are closed, some remain operational, especially on University Road and Shahrah-e-Faisal.

Official Assurance: The Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and Petroleum Division confirmed that petroleum products would be available nationwide, and all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are advised to ensure adequate supplies and keep pumps open.

Monitoring and Coordination: A monitoring cell was established to oversee fuel supply and coordinate among stakeholders, with OGRA mobilizing teams to take remedial actions.

Provincial Measures: Provincial chief secretaries are requested to keep maximum retail outlets open and allow oil tanker movement during the day to replenish stocks.


To wrap it up, the sudden news of the petroleum strike is likely to create panic among the people leading to long queues at the petrol station and huge traffic jams on the roads. But there are still petrol pumps open as not everyone is taking part in the strike. The good news is that you can still buy petrol & diesel from the petrol pumps open at the moment.

What do you think the future holds for Pakistan petroleum industry? Tell us in the comments below!

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