Get KIA Sportage at a Discounted Price

Get KIA Sportage at a Discounted Price

If you were planning to buy a KIA Sportage, it is the right time as the company has offered a massive discount for this model. The great news is, the discount is offered on all the variants of KIA Sportage. 

Curious to see the new prices? Here are the discounted prices of all KIA Sportage models.

KIA Sportage Discounted Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Sportage (Alpha)6,250,0005,999,000251,000 (-4%)
Sportage (FWD)6,750,0006,649,000101,000 (-1.5%)
Sportage (AWD)7,250,0007,149,000101,000(-1.4%)

*It is pertinent to mention that it is a limited-time offer. KIA has not revealed the ending time for this discount though.

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Although the sales data for Sportage isn’t available, the overall car sales have declined to extremely low levels in August 2022 as compared to last year (as per the PAMA report). Taking this report as a base, we can assume that KIA’s sales are also reduced. It can be a reason why the company has announced this offer to improve its sales. 

Another reason can be the strengthening of the Rupee vs USD. As rupee is gaining its value back constantly for some days, it can be a reason why the company has announced this offer to pass down the benefit to its customers. No matter what the reason is, it is great news for customers that were looking to buy KIA Sportage. 

As per a report, the company is taking bookings with a delivery time of just 1 month. It is another good news for people as they will get delivery quicker than before.

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So, would you buy a KIA Sportage now? Tell us in the comment section below.

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