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Average Electricity Consumption of A Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

Average Electricity Consumption of A Ceiling Fan in Pakistan

Ceiling fans have been your best companions to fight off the summer heat long before air coolers and air conditioners even existed. Since air coolers are relatively expensive, ceiling fans act as a cost-effective and power-efficient solution to provide relief from soaring temperatures. 

Despite their popularity, you may still be unaware of how much a ceiling fan exactly costs to run. This blog will answer your questions by calculating the average energy consumption of a ceiling fan in your house.

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How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Cost to Run in Pakistan?

It is certain that ceiling fans offer a budget-friendly escape from the sweltering heat and hence, have become a necessity in our homes. To determine how much power a ceiling fan utilizes, you should consider several factors which include the ceiling fan brand, the number of hours used, its size, speed and revolutions per minute. On average, a ceiling fan uses 80 watts of electricity. However, the electrical consumption varies according to the said factors.


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In order to understand things better, we have calculated the cost of a ceiling fan’s electricity bill for you. Take a look at it below:

NameAverage Power Consumption (W)Avg. Number of Hours Used Avg. Daily Usage (kWH)Avg. Electricity Cost (per day)
Ceiling Fan80W14 hrs1.12 kWHRs.17.66

As mentioned above, the average electricity consumption cost of a ceiling fan in Pakistan is Rs.17.66 per day after including 17% GST. However, in order to find out the fan’s electricity cost for the whole month, we multiply the amount by 30 which gives us around Rs.529.8 per month.

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  • The rate of units may vary according to the slabs of electricity.
  • The electricity cost is merely for ceiling fans and are sourced from Neeca.

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan


The price of a ceiling fan in Pakistan can range between Rs.6000 and Rs.11,000. Moreover, the price is dependent upon its condition, brand, buying source and availability in Pakistan. If interested in buying a ceiling fan, you can check out OLX. 


To sum it up, by knowing how much electricity a ceiling fan consumes, you can get an idea of the average electrical cost to run the fan. Ceiling fans are home appliances which offer cost-effective solace under the sun. They are light on your pocket but provide great comfort. Hence, reliability, affordability and energy-efficiency are qualities which make ceiling fans a great buy.

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