Defend Your Car Against Thieves: 9 Anti-Theft Products Every Car Owner Must Have

Defend Your Car Against Thieves: 9 Anti-Theft Products Every Car Owner Must Have

Due to the steep rise in car prices in Pakistan, automobiles have become a highly coveted commodity in the market. Alongside the US Dollar and gold, cars have become one of the preferred investment avenues for many, leading to a surge in demand and making them an attractive target for thieves. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has not updated its automobile theft related statistics since 2020, but in that year alone more than 46,000 cars were stolen. The real number is likely to be a lot higher. 

This begs the question, how to keep your cars safe and prevent them from theft. There are two ways to go about it. Follow some specific practices, which we have already discussed in Tips to Prevent Your Car From Getting Stolen. This blog is specifically on the products which can help you protect your car against theft. 

Fool the Thief

You may not believe it but a simple sticker on your car saying something like “Video camera Surveillance” or “Satellite Tracking System Installed” can make a would-be thief think twice before breaking into your car. Even if the thief believes that it’s a bluff, still it would make him think twice. This is also the cheapest way to protect your hard earned investment. However, relying on this technique alone is not recommended. 

Alarm System

Nowadays, every other car seems to have one. Given their budget-friendly price tag, many car owners opt for this option and yet their usefulness can’t be discounted. Their function is still the same, to produce a loud noise to scare away the intruder. However, modern alarm systems come with the Kill Switch option which can help you turn off your car’s engine remotely. 

Kill Switch

Also known as “chor switch”, this anti-theft device once activated cuts off your car’s electrical flow to its fuel pump. Without turning it off, you can’t start your car. As thieves have wisened up, modern kill switches come with a timer which allows the car to start for a few seconds before turning it off. This would be enough to frustrate a thief. Kill switches are placed in a hidden spot.  

Gear Lock 

The most basic and perhaps the oldest of all anti-theft devices is the gear lock. As the name suggests, it prevents the thief from shifting the gear. So, even if the thief has successfully broken into and turned on the car, he won’t be able to move it. Sure, its lock can be broken but it would take time, which is enough to frustrate the thief. 

Brake Lock

Another lock worth buying is the brake lock. It works just like the gear lock by preventing the person from braking. A brake lock can be used to lock both brake (automatic transmission) and clutch pedal (manual transmission). Once in place, the thief won’t be able to depress the brake or clutch pedal to move the car. 

Car Tracking System 

Though not every car has it, you’ll find this gadget mostly in those cars which are financed by banks or leasing companies. A car tracking system uses the GPS system which can help the authorities locate the car. However, some car owners may have mixed reviews of this gadget’s usefulness. 

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Dash Cams

Let’s get one thing clear: a dash cam cannot prevent your car from being stolen. Nevertheless, it can serve as an effective anti-theft measure, as thieves tend to avoid breaking into cars equipped with dash cams. Dash cams can record the faces and voices of those who attempt to steal your car, and provide valuable information to authorities to help locate your vehicle and track its movements.

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Tyre Lock 

In many countries, it is the most preferred method by law enforcement agencies to punish habitual traffic violators. Tyre locks are essentially clamps which prevent your car from moving. They are big and heavy and also hard to put on and off and therefore many do not opt for this option. But they are also perhaps the most effective of all anti-theft devices. 

Steering Lock

These have been around for a while. As the name suggests, it is mounted on the steering wheel and prevents it from turning completely on either side. This is one of the best ways to deter a thief from breaking into your car as it takes time to break its lock or cut it into two. 

We hope you found this information useful. Surely, you must have known about some of these devices already and may already be using them. If you were to rate these 9 devices on a scale of 1 – 10 based on their effectiveness with 10 being most effective, how would you rate them?

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